Man Down :(

by , May 30, 2007 | 1:16 am

Pat Johnson, one of the most lovable cranky old bastards you might ever sit across from at a table, died last week at age 63 — after a motorcycle accident in Alabama. I don’t know many details about his death, but a lot of Dallas players know a few things about how he lived the last few years of his life …

Pat was a widower in declining health, and there was something charming about the way this semi-retired accountant chose to enjoy his senior singlehood — surrounded by attractive young women, playing amateur and low-stakes poker, riding his Harley, and (shamelessly) wearing a t-shirt that said “Grandpa Gone Wild.”

Pat was one of the very first Lodge Amateur Poker players (and later a founding member of the Rounder Club). He wasn’t all that good, frankly, but he was at the game(s) every week, yukking it up while drinking non-alcoholic beer, making the other players laugh. Though he liked to tell the occasional bad dirty joke, he wasn’t at the Lodge to grope dancers … on the contrary, he was more likely to be helping them do their taxes. I remember changing the Lodge poker point system specifically with Pat in mind. We wanted to make sure that players who hardly ever missed a game would be able to play for the big prizes, even if they never made a final table. Funny thing is … during that off-season his skills significantly improved and he surprised many by making four final tables in a six-week span — plenty good to make it into the Tournament of Champions even had we not changed what it took to qualify.

NOTE: One thing I found a little shocking and sad … for all the hundreds of pictures I have from nights where he was out partying or pokering or both, I don’t have any of Pat. If anyone out there does have a picture of him, please send it to me, as I would love to include it with this post.

Services will be held this weekend at Bluebonnet Hills Funeral Home in Colleyville. A memorial takes place Friday morning at 10 am.

8 Comments to “Man Down :(”

  1. Ed

    He will be missed. One of my fav characters at the LAP tournaments. Fun to joke with and he would jab right back ya.


  2. Aaron

    Wow I honestly had no idea if this was real or not, but now I know it is. That’s so sad. I’d doubt I can make it friday but I’ll try.

  3. fubu

    I spoke with Pat’s daughter this morning. He had been in Myrtle Beach for a motorcycle roundup. He was on his way home ane was hit by a car in Alabama. She didn’t tell me the extent of his injuries. He was in the hospital for a few days but they could not keep his blood pressure under control. He passed away friday.
    As A fellow Rounder Club founding member I, as well as all members, will miss him.
    Good luck in that big poker room in the sky!

  4. Sharron

    How sad, he will be missed at the LAP games but we’ll all see him again on that great felt in the sky.

    Bye Pat *kiss*

  5. joe

    known him for as long as ive been at the lodge. i, as well as many other employees, will miss seeing and joking around with him. wish i would have hung out with him more outside the club…he’ll be missed

  6. Earl

    Pat will be missed. I am very sad to here this news.

  7. Don

    This was very sad news for me. Pat was a great guy! I will miss him.

  8. John