More Important than Poker

by , May 10, 2007 | 4:35 pm

I’m watching the House floor right now … in the background. HB 3186 ain’t coming up anytime soon … and if they don’t get to it by midnight, it is dead dead dead for 2007. So I may be updating this post throughout the next few hours to point out other things that have made their way to the legislative fore:

  • Hispanics want to shoot of fireworks for Cinco de Mayo. Interestingly, it’s a matter of police having resources to fight illegal fireworks shooting if it remains illegal. (It’s apparently also good for schools and charities.)
  • They are voting now on the fireworks thing … the amendment failed 29-110, but the bill itself passed! (I think. Can’t be sure.) Only 170 more bills to go before they get to poker!
  • OK, they just passed three bills in like three minutes five bills in four minutes — something about rural railroads, money for colleges in Central Texas, mentors for teens in foster care, and a pilot program to save Medicaid money.
  • Apparently reaching HB 3186 is mathematically possible. Am thinking poker would benefit from a relationship with Red Bull. If anyone can get a few dozen cases to the floor shortly after the dinner break — perhaps with a note saying “From Texas poker players in support of HB 3186” — that would be pretty cool. No idea if it would be legal, but hey …
  • It’s nearing an hour talking about some county jail monitor. It is getting FEISTY! Legislative tilt clearly in play.
    Unknown Legislator: Do you know why democracy takes so long?
    Rep. Craddick: Wha…? Oh … democracy?
    UL: That’s a foreign term around here.
    Craddick: We’re interested in what you have to say.
  • OK, maybe there is no dinner break … someone just brought in barbecue (from Tuffy’s?). Seriously, next time … Red Bull.


3 Comments to “More Important than Poker”

  1. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Thanks for the update, Dan. May have to crank up the crystal receiver & watch some CSPAN tonight. THRILLS!

  2. Ed

    Been watching the feed myself. Some of this shit is just annoying to hear them drone on about for 10-15 minutes.

    Don’t they know there is poker at stake?!

    EDIT: My bad…I have been watching the wrong feed. Duh. Still just a bunch of old people going on about things I do not care about at this time.


  3. TommyTwoToes

    this makes me feel like i am clutching a lotto ticket and dreaming of all the what if I win scenarios, by just waiting to see if the bill will even get to a vote.