Poker Bill Update

by , May 4, 2007 | 6:58 pm

We’ve gotten some decent ink going into the weekend, with some more expected.

The biggest threat to our little bill is that the House of Representatives is just on this side of a total meltdown over totally unrelated issues. The Capitol Letters blog is a pretty good one if you want to learn more about that.

We have to have our bill heard on the floor of the House by Thursday if it is to continue on to the Senate. This is doable, but we need to keep applying pressure.

A Pokerati reader created a web page to make that even easier. GO THERE NOW!

7 Comments to “Poker Bill Update”

  1. DanM

    Lavigne, don’t be so bashful … I saw that you were in the SA Express-News, too. I learned about it from this blog. (Thanks, Tim, for the link.)

    So oy … Thursday deadline … I am getting so excited and nervous. We are getting near the bubble, the blinds are climbing, still a few landmines to avoid … c’mon, no bad beats … one time, one time!

  2. DanM

    Mike, can we get a list of the people who are set to vote against it? I am thinking with the responsible spam site mentioned above, it might be in our interests to UNCHECK these specific legislators. Their minds are already made up, and if they sense that we have a loosely organized, aggressive effort to pass something they are against, they might pay more attention to the Texas Poker Act and put some wheels in motion to derail it.

    Or is that bad ethics/form in the political world to put the secret info you know about who’s going to vote how out there?

  3. Doug

    Spoke to a staffer in Menendez office. He said the real issue now is to get it on the “Major statewide calendar” for a vote to happen. The two people that can make that happen are the speaker Tom Craddick or Beverly Woolley, who chairs the calendars committe. If you know any big hitters that can make a call that will help and also emails to her are recommended.

  4. Lavigne in Austin


    not necessary. just keep sending. Doug is correct. We are trying to get it on the Major State Calendar. Keep the calls going.

  5. IttyBittyWussy

    Whoever was the concerned citizen that set up that website– YOU ARE THE NUTS. Only question: Will the capitol email system start filtering out messages if tons start coming in all from the same IP (the one of that site)?

  6. GaryK

    The other day in the DMN there was an article about the bill to allow the Indians to reopen their casino. The article said that was the only gambling bill that would be voted on this session. No mention of any alleged pro-poker bill. I think you’re dreaming. Look at how many tries it took to get concealed carry passed. BTW, Indians lost on a 66-66 vote.

  7. DanM

    Gary, I believe the poker bill was not mentioned because it technically is not considered a “gambling” bill. Or if not, then it was simply a mistake by the reporter/representative.

    By the way, you mention concealed-carry … indeed, it took more than one go-round. but in the end, it DID pass. so this bill should be inspiration, not doom-and-gloom fodder.