Poker Enemy #1 to lead the world economy?

by , May 30, 2007 | 5:21 am

The World Bank is looking for a new leader to replace Paul Wolfowitz … and on the short list are Tony Blair (online-gambling friendly) and Bill Frist (not-so-friendly). Remember him? In case you don’t — and in case The New York Times is starting to figure out this blogging thing and knows about checking their linkbacks — here’s a video to remind you how Frist approaches economics.

If you want to bet online on who gets the job, Bodog is laying odds. They haven’t updated yet to include Frist, but Bono is currently a 50:1 longshot.

And if politics ain’t your thing, Bodog’s also got odds on Michele’s winning her fantasy WSOP poker league at 8:1.

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