Poker Room Robbery in Dallas

by , May 4, 2007 | 6:00 am

Turns out it’s true … while we were all abuzz about police poker raids last month, there was not only the attempted robbery that we already told you about, but also there was an actual robbery just a few days later in Dallas proper* — and this time the armed bad guys were successful.

Pokerati’s “facts” are still fuzzy … perhaps we’ll get some more right here. What we do know is that the victims were at a $5/$10 game located somewhere along what many of us have called “Poker Row” or the “Dallas Poker Corridor.” The perpetrators were two black males (as was the case in the foiled robbery above), and one of them put a shotgun to the face of whomever answered the door — I believe it was a woman. From there they barged in and took somewhere around $7,000 (an extremely rough number based on the typical size of this game) … and as far as we currently know, police were not called.

Perhaps these robbers are just building their bankrolls for the WSOP?

*NOTE: It is Pokerati’s editorial policy to not name poker rooms in Texas unless the operators are overtly public about it and/or it has been shut down. Ahh, remember the good ole days when they used to buy ads?

15 Comments to “Poker Room Robbery in Dallas”

  1. Annonymous

    Very true. I was there. What’s sad is that at first I thought they were cops until
    they threatened to shoot us. In this town minding your own business playing a friendly game of poker you’re either gonna get screwed by cops or fucked by robbers and whats sad is you can’t even file a police report. You should use one of us that got robbed in Austin to testify about how we will be much SAFER when poker is legalized in Texas. They took about $8K from the safe and probably another $7-8K from players, along with credit cards, car keys, cell phones, money orders, even a watch I think.

  2. Poker Rakeback Guy

    Is it illegal to play home games in Dallas?

    Pretty bad that this this sort of thing can happen and police can’t even be told.

  3. DanM

    True home games — no rake, held in a home — are not illegal so long as you don’t take anything out of the pot to buy pizza.

  4. Karridy

    Okay… I am really beginning to understand why they never disclose they amount stolen during bank robberies. The first thing I thought when I read the first comment was “Damn. Nice take, and much easier than a bank, liquor store, etc”. I mean, shit, can you imagine how many banks would get the stick-up if they couldn’t call the cops on the perps?! – I propose a new rule – Amounts stolen should NOT be disclosed, in an effort not to entice other would-be pieces of shit.

  5. Fresh Princess

    I know someone who was shot at a poker game (at a country club) twenty years ago. Inside job (as they usually are). I never wore my nice jewelry to play in a raked game and tried to play on tab (not the pink drink).
    We all testified on behalf of safety.

    But, I don’t even go to those places anymore. As I have always said “if someone comes into your poker game with a gun, you better hope it’s the police.”

  6. Fresh Princess

    I agree and no more directions on t.v. about how to make bombs at home!

  7. DanM

    Hmm, interesting concept. If they shoot up the place and kill people, should we not post the results for fear of enticing more shooters? (because really, a poker room would be pretty easy to go all columbine on.)

  8. DanM

    If they are not going to put these on TV — bomb-making directions — you can find it pretty easy on the internet.

    (found from a google search of “how to make bombs”)

  9. DanM

    As I continue to consider this issue in my mind, I am thinking it is probably more the job of 1) the cops 2) the legislators 3) the poker room operators … to protect the players moreso than the media.

    Michele, youre poker-playing friend B-rad (who still hasn’t responded to my Myspace friend request!) wrote a song once about killing cops. A dude was listening to it when he got pulled over … and shot the cop! His defense that B-rad told him how to do it (and to do it) did not hold up in court.

  10. DanM

    OK, sorry to get so defensive, Karridy. Your suggestion really does have some merit. And because I always try to think of the readers as my boss (and let me tell you, my boss can be an idiot!) I will leave this one up to them.

    Our readers are indeed players, so let’s hear from them whether or not they feel disclosing this info puts Dallas poker players in greater jeopardy.

  11. Fresh Princess

    I didn’t say anything about defense stategy.

  12. rounder

    to shed some more lite on the 5 10 game that got robbed in may.
    lets do the math together fellow rounders. the owner of this club
    also the owner of another hugh club that got robbed last year in poker row was not at work when it happened. (convinent) she also repaid the players thier original buy in.(how nice) But what you dont know is that in both cases large parts of the room had been sold to investors and that money was never repaid. 2000 a share at 30 shares is 60k that is just the most recent club. In both cases the owner left and went out of town after the robbery and was not heard from for some time(strange). Also in both cases the owner was not happy with the partners involved or the location of both rooms.(easy way to get rid of both)Now this owner is back in town and planning to open another room.(third time is a charm)I cant see my self or anyone else supporting this room when the math adds up to the same old thing. What other reason would the owner have to refuse to hire security for 100 a night. I may not be the smartest guy in dallas but this looks like a inside job to me. When the owner of this club was looking to dump it off long before she got robbed.(this is inside info. i know beacuse i heard the offer to a unnamed person) The only reason i am writting this is to let people know what i know when i heard she was opening again

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