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by , May 29, 2007 | 12:45 pm

A few more fun WSOP graphs for your geometric contemplation:

The question I am asked more so than any other in recent weeks is an estimate on the size of the main event field. Pokerati is sticking to its over/under of 4,001 — though we acknowledge that there are all sorts of mitigating factors that could come into play and seriously alter the differential between projection and reality, one way or the other.

This first one shows the growth of the main event over the decades, with the blue orbs representing the size of the prize pool.

The Main Event: Bubble Fixin’ to Burst?

This next one shows the amount Harrah’s took out of the prize pools in 2006. I’ll be honest, I expected this to be more troublesome, and to be showing a disturbing trend since the casino behemoth took over the WSOP. But that’s simply hasn’t been the case. The following graph is posted on a logarithmic axis … not sure what that really means, but it makes things fit a little better … so take that into account when assessing what that main-event spike really represents.

Skimming off the Top

Here’s a random assortment of info from WSOP history.

Main Event breakdown

And last but not least, here is the historical relationship between the number of entrants in the WSOP main event and first-prize payout. This is a graph where we can expect to see some divergence, as Harrah’s and the WSOP have made payouts less top-heavy starting in 2007 to better spread the wealth amongst the masses of players.

Trickle-down Poker

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