Re: Poker Lawmaking on the Air

by , May 9, 2007 | 1:39 pm

Dale Hansen comes out of the closet to admit that yes, he has played and will continue to play illegal poker. You know, he is pretty good on the radio. He should so think about getting into podcasting.

Hour of Hansen
ESPN 103.3 FM – 5/8/07

Part 1: Dale Hansen speaks with Rep. Jose Menendez about HB 3186 and why legalizing poker in Texas is an uphill political battle / scared Republicans (and problems caused by redistricting) / luck vs. skill / Lottery hypocrites / the Governor will sign if it gets to him.

Part 2: Hansen speaks with Pokerati about underground poker in Dallas and the hypocrisy of the state not taking a rake on poker / what about fishing tournaments? / Oklahoma and Louisiana advertising on the highways / the impact of raids.

Part 3:
Hansen takes calls / a sweet old lady busted in the VFW game / would Dale legalize drugs?

My only regret is that I forgot to push the charity angle … and talk more with Dale about how his attempt at a major benefit (Cards for Kids with DallasCAN!) was stymied, and would not have been under the purview of a new law.

5 Comments to “Re: Poker Lawmaking on the Air”

  1. Venita

    I can’t get any of them to work . . .

  2. Venita

    OK wait, nevermind . . . I’m good to go . . .

  3. Fresh Princess

    Thanks for putting up the link as I missed the live episode.

    The charity issue would have been nice but I wouldn’t beat yourself up. I think we made some great points on that at the Capital last month. Seriously, you have done such a great job with this bill you should be patting yourself on the back.

  4. Card Chucker

    Was surprised and happy to hear Hansen discuss something other than how bad the mavericks blow on my ride home on my drive home. You had great points which I agreed upon. Another thing I would like to mention along the lines of charity is all the bingo halls we have in Texas and how they donate a percentage of the proceeds to certain groups. Also, I heard both you and the state representative say numerous times that you don’t understand why Texas hasn’t legalized it, and the rep. brought a great point about the conservatives worrying about losing their elections but also I believe lobbyists from the neighboring states fill up our politicians’ pockets rather than the state make the money personally. Anyhow, keep up the good fight and information. Cheers

  5. Card Chucker

    Was surprised and happy to hear Hansen discuss something other than how bad the Mavericks blow on ESPN radio on my drive home.

    the brain can’t process statistics and literature at the same time, at least I just won a big hand