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by , May 29, 2007 | 11:59 pm

I don’t want to give the name or town for this reader who writes in — because I plan to make fun of him and I think I might have figured out the identity of one of our punk-ass anonymous commenters!

Whats up, it’s […] How’s life? Who are you working for now?

I was curious what the heck is going on about pokerati’s predictions for 2007 WSOP. 2005 it was 5600 players, then 8770 players. If I’m correct you are saying only 4000 players in the main event? I’m not sure why you think so. I remember reading an article awhile back saying the casino holding the event this year predicted 11k to 12k. I’m just curious on your thoughts on this. Thanks and good luck in the $1,500 event!!

Aaron in Carrollton, you see, back in October there was this law change … bad bad law … and it sent the online poker world into a tizzy. Though the poker bubble may not have officially burst — we’ll see in the coming months — it certainly has been deflated. At least here in America. To stay legally clean, the WSOP has changed its process for registering online qualifiers … and considering that about 6,600 of last year’s main event entrants got in that way … well that’s pretty much how we came up with the number.

Things are good. A little crazy at the moment as I was originally planning on being on the road right-about-now — but I still have clothes in the dryer and keep getting all these whack emails! Garr.

I’m working for you.

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  1. Aaron

    Yeah I figured that’s why you had that prediction, because of the new laws binding any America to have ANY FUN AT ALL. But I just figured they’d just keep growing whether the buy-in was $10,000 or not. 6,600 donkeys made it from the online tourney’s? I had no clue!!