Sew*, I was thinking of gettin’ in the kitchen and stirrin’ the pot odds

by , May 8, 2007 | 3:13 pm

Yes, we women think from time to time — or at least the men allow us. Especially down here in Texas where all men are rednecks and women are stupid, no? Offended? See fine print below. Anyway, I was thinking about HB 3186 and the paradox of why we are unable to play raked poker in Texas. Here is just one example:

Considering the process of Natural Selection, poker tournaments are a great example of Darwinism. When the first poker hand is dealt, Herbert Spencer’s phrase “Survival of the fittest” becomes most poker player’s motto. We are forced to learn this scientific theory in our public schools while forbidding Creationism. Let’s get something clear right now…Creationism over Evolution is not the point of this post. Darwinism vs. Creation or Intelligent Design is not the point of this post, either.

My point is … why do we force children to learn the scientific theory of evolution over the 5,000-year-old historical book of Genesis only to tell postgraduates they’re unable to practice the forced theory and make decisions on their own in life. Isn’t it confusing the government will choose what you learn in school such as capitalism, free trade and freedom (which we pay for) only to forbid these things later in life? Is it me or does it seem the government takes religion away from children and then uses it against adults?

*Sew – Pun on women being stupid and knowing how to sew. Also read the comments on this post.
*Fine Print
The statement pertaining to Texas men being rednecks and Texas women being stupid is not true. State names have been changed to protect the ignorant innocent.

15 Comments to “Sew*, I was thinking of gettin’ in the kitchen and stirrin’ the pot odds”

  1. DanM

    Michele, if you are trying to make a point on the intelligence of women, I am not so sure you have done your gender justice in this post. Either that or my y-chromosome leaves me cerebrally incapable of truly understanding the connection between poker, creationism, and sewing.

    Just sayin’ …

  2. Fresh Princess

    Yes Dan, you already made that clear on the phone. Maybe you are just offended because deep down you are really a woman.

  3. Name

    Worthless post. Please never post again. I don’t come to poker sites to be preached at.

    Dan, you have been my main resource for the legal issues we are going through and this moronic drivel does not belong on such a great site.

  4. DanM

    Duly noted, Terry, er, I mean “Name” … but can’t you just tell your wife that at dinner?

  5. Fresh Princess

    Nice try-to-save Dan, but the post was not made from Houston.
    Dear Name-less,
    I am like sooo sorry I encouraged anyone to think outside the box (which would be completely un-sermon-like)during the bill process. Please forgive me as I get my stupid ass back into the kitchen to fetch you a beer.
    I was posting to the many comments we get at Pokerati about how the government will not allow residents of Texas gamble with their own hard earned money. Perhaps, you are against the bill or maybe you didn’t recognize the irony of the post.

  6. Name

    Right… I say this is a great site and that it is my main resource for the legal issues because I don’t want the bill to pass. Genius.

    Apparently your reading is as pathetic as your writing.

    And good lord.. “think outside the box”? The random accusation of sexism? Any other mid 70’s cliches you want to throw in?

    Dan, seriously… we are all working together to get this bill passed, but only you can be responsible for the content on what is a tremendous site. It is your site and your name. Please don’t let this tard drag you down.

  7. NotSang

    I was posting to the many comments we get at Pokerati about how the government will not allow residents of Texas gamble with their own hard earned money.
    Maybe you should have just posted that.
    If I want to read brain numbing jebus innuendo I’d follow Bible Girl or Wick. Dan, please let this dunce know that the vast majority of your readers worship Pan, and are easily annoyed by creationist bullshit.

  8. Fresh Princess

    I am at fault for lack of clarity on this post. I was trying to show the irony of how the government separates church and state and yet it’s as if some politicians are against our bill for religious reasons.

  9. DanM

    Michele, say 15 Hail Marys and 4 Our Fathers and all will be forgiven.

  10. Fresh Princess

    Good advice Dan. Oh wait! I can’t because I’m not even Christian. You must have been confused with all of my references to Jebus, no?

  11. beelzebubba

    dear dickless, I intended to say nameless but any man who would post without a name is a BITCH.
    I would gladly bring you down to the 9th level of hell and have my hounds rape you for entertainment.

  12. Karridy

    Awesome. Simply awesome. Note to self: More beastiality references in my posts.

  13. yestbay1

    Michele, for what it’s worth, I got the gist of your post on first reading. Some readers will interpret things one way, and others will see it differently. Could the post have been clearer? Yes. But don’t worry about the naysayers too much.

    BTW, I’m not a Creationist or Evolutionist and was not encouraged, or offended, by your use of that analogy. Also, I don’t worship Pan or any other god(s) to speak of. In this instance, I’m just a poker fan.

  14. Fresh Princess

    Thank you Yestbay

  15. Lavigne in Austin

    wow, just read this thread. does anonymity encourage folks to just be rude? Crude i could understand, but rude? The thing is, if you know the Fresh Princess at all, you know that an anonymous post somewhere could never put her on tilt.