World Series of Golf…Oh my!

by , May 18, 2007 | 7:59 pm

I spent the last few days playing in the new World Series of Golf, and did I have fun? Hell yes.

Each player buys in for $10,000. On the first hole each player antes $100. After each player hits their first shot, there is a round of no-limit betting. Each player can call raise or fold. Then, the players that did not fold hit their next shots and there is a new round of betting. Antes double every 3 holes. When someone accumulates all of the chips, they win. There are a few other minor rules, but they’re not important for this post.

Let me first start by saying that this event was a pleasant surprise at every corner. No expense was spared in the treatment of the players, the quality of the parties and food (free beer, they must have called mom), the marketing materials and the media exposure — you’ll get to see some of it next month on NBC, and more of it on the Golf Channel.

Tom Golf

I played in a foursome on the first day and went to hole 18 before I beat out Pat Arthur from Texas. He’s one nice guy and an incredible golfer. I then played in a 3-some the next day and went to hole 19 before being eliminated. Before you see it on NBC, June 23rd and 24th, let me say it now very loudly and clearly, I AM THE BIGGEST CHOKER ON THE PLANET. There, now when you guys say it, it won’t hurt so badly.

Why will people want to watch non-pro golfers? They are betting huge sums of money and then having to perform in a sport in which they have never been under this kind of pressure. You will be surprised at how well people rise to the occasion and low they will go into the depths of failure. I experienced both. I had a couple of very important shots, and all I could think about is, “How do you play golf? Why did I eat pizza for breakfast? Wait a minute I didn’t eat pizza. I like Phoenix, it’s fun there, but dry. Dan sure is gay at times. Karridy has a sexy voice. I guess I should swing now that my thoughts are clear.” Trying to be politically correct, I am a mental short person. Funny, I think it’s more offensive that way than saying I’m a mental midget. Oh well, here comes the worst shot I’ve ever hit in my life.

My prediction is that this will be a major event every year and that the WSOG will have $10,000 checks falling out of the sky from people wanting to play in this event. It was really that cool.

2 Comments to “World Series of Golf…Oh my!”

  1. Karridy

    Can you seriously say “Dan sure is gay at times.”, followed immediately by “Karridy has a sexy voice”? If I weren’t so flattered, I’d be really concerned by this. Maybe I should be concerned that I’m flattered?… uh oh. Maybe I should go see if I still like straight porn.

  2. Karridy

    Ok.. that was quick. Yes. Yes, I do.