WSOP Fantasy Girl

by , May 26, 2007 | 8:11 pm

Check it out … Michele has gotten in on the rotisserie poker thing for the World Series. She’s competing against some good peeps in the WLOFPLL (World League of Fantasy Poker Leagues League). Though I woulda taken JC Tran with her first pick, I think Phil Hellmuth shouldn’t be as big of a surprise as some of her competitors contend.

We’ll see, what do I know. Let’s just hope she does better than I am doing in the Batface fantasy game.

(And super-go Steve Wong! You got a lotta Pokerati bankin’ on you.)

5 Comments to “WSOP Fantasy Girl”

  1. Fresh Princess

    Hellmuth would have been higher on the POY list if he had played as many events as some of the other guys. It’s a wsop league and his strength and confidence is on at the wsop. JC was my second choice but he was taken.
    Another factor is who is backed. You obviously will have better odds if you know your player is playing in a lot of events.

  2. DanM

    I like to pick the horsies based on color. (The gray ones always win.)

  3. DanM

    By the way, kinda funny to see Gavin Smith not taking himself until the third round, no?

  4. Lance Bradley

    I think the biggest surprise with Hellmuth going first overall is most of the people in the draft were thinking of players in terms of multi-game players. Granted Hellmuth played well in non-Hold Em events last year, but his strength is Hold Em.

  5. Fresh Princess

    well, its like Gavin said…i’m a girl!