5 pm Tournaments…Not an Afternoon Delight?

by , Jun 25, 2007 | 10:48 pm

This year, to cram in 55 events, Harrah’s added several 5 pm bracelet tournaments. I’ve been told by an unreliable source the new schedule allows players to bust from the noon (usually) No-Limit Hold’em events then register for the afternoon tournaments (usually) Stud, Omaha and Limit Hold’em.

Here is the problem, limit tournaments take a long time to lose players which means you need a good 14 hours to make it to the money with a large field (1200-ish) and possibly more with a small field (300-ish). Last year when playing in a noon limit event you could make it to the money by 2 or 3am, however, this year the door to the vault doesn’t open until close to the end of day two. Unfortunately, this prevents players from playing in the noon event the following day.

While having a NL event first provides earlier eliminations at a faster rate, limit events at 5pm are just a little too late.

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  1. DanM

    So seriously, you mentioned to me that “a lot” of pros have voiced similar complaints. care to share? every pro i have talked to likes the new schedule — even though there are a few blocks of days that force them to make difficult situations.

    but i am not a limit player, so maybe i just don’t understand how limit players may often feel like they are being treated like second-class players.

  2. Garthmeister J.

    Any word on what this might do to the 2-7 Triple Draw limit (with rebuys) on Friday at 5pm? I’m flying in on Thursday night, and am seriously considering playing this event, so I’m kinda curious as to how many runners they might get. Not to mention that the “limit” + “rebuys” means that this event might go even later…

  3. beelzebubba

    At the end of the day;what one might consider is that harrah’s is a business.and that harrahs will do what is right for shareholder not players if it works out well for the players then great if not they don’t give a shit.they are wacking 13% or more from every event. so if they get 1200 in the noon event and 500 or less in the 5pm plus 350 or so in the 7pm 2nd chance. i mean come on so if you cant beat them join them buy harrahs stock.

  4. DanM

    Beelzebub, though i agree with you on principal, the max juice being taken out by Harrah’s, the WSOP, and their subsidiaries in any event is 9 percent. just a point of order.

    but your percentages could be right when you consider that there is no longer added money for final tableists in the form of ridiculous instant online poker site endorsements — which were going for $50k last year. so basically, for televised events, you are looking at anywhere from an additional $250k-$400k removed from the prize pool, relatively speaking.

  5. DanM

    Garth, good to see you ’round these parts again. I think what you can expect is for your day 1 to go into the wee hours, and then resume again at 3 pm the next day.

    this is the exact sorta event that will have a lot of pros playing in the noon tourney ($2,000 NLH) very aggressively … to either get chips or be knocked out in time to play 2-7.

    At least that’s what they’re telling me. But I’ll be curious to see if this is true on Friday … because a $1k 2-7 lowball payout is SOOO significantly less than a $2k NLH event.

  6. Garthmeister J.


    Yeah – thought it was time to check in.

    Regarding the relative payouts between 2k NLHE and the 1k 2-7, the only “saving grace” (if you can call it that) is that the 2-7 is a rebuy, which includes the ability to add-on or double add-on, even though it is a limit event. I have no idea what the expectation for rebuys and add-ons is (not to mention the field size itself), but the 2k NLHE prize pool is still going to dwarf it. I’d assume that the draw for Pros is a smaller field event in a niche poker variant, thus increasing the chances of winning a bracelet, rather than the straight out prize pool.

    I’d assume 1500+ players for the 2k NLHE, prize pool of 3 mill+ with 150 or so being paid. As for the 2-7 I have no idea. None. Based upon my “really no good reason for it” I’m using the 3k 7-card Stud Hi/Lo as an appropriate yardstick, and that had 236 players. And I’m still unsure about how the rebuys will go down in a limit game…

  7. irishmike

    If there are any of my friends out there, from jackies or straddle, please e-mail me, I miss y’all


  8. Michele Lewis

    Every pro I know likes the all the added games and I do as well. In fact, I love that there are more 8/0 games this year. It’s the time.

  9. beelzebubba

    i stand corrected on the percentages after all what do i know i am just a redneck who cant read. all i can tell you is that harrah’s gets about 3rd place money in every event and the juice i beleive is higher percentage wise in all the satellites.all they do is provide overpriced crap food, half assed dealer rejects no one else wants and convention space big deal.3rd place money is bullshit.