Beyond The Table: Stud Hater Bettor

by , Jun 12, 2007 | 3:05 pm

Get it? Catchy name, huh? – Well if it’s lost on you, click here to listen to the last latest episode of Beyond The Table to hear Tom talk about his hatred of the game he would soon win a bracelet in. Also included: Losing your nickname in poker? – Tom vs. the WPT – Players going broke at the WSOP.

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5 Comments to “Beyond The Table: Stud Hater Bettor”

  1. Ed

    I have a question. What did you do to this version? It says it is 7 hours long in itunes. I listened to it…lots of repeating dialogue anytime i paused it and started. Was very weird.


  2. Karridy

    I EFFED it up! The duration was a typo. The file wasn’t actually that big. What was worse was the chipmunk version that the embedded players were pushing out. Kinda funny actually.

    WANTED: Online Audio Production Experts!
    Fun environment, Free water, all the poker you can handle.
    Compensation: The satifsaction of a job well done. – Apply within!

  3. DanM

    ***Losing your nickname in poker? – Tom vs. the WPT – Players going broke at the WSOP.***

    And don’t forget Phil Gordon Behaving Badly at the World Series of Golf! (For some reason the chicks love that guy.)

  4. beelzebubba

    i dont know anything about anything except that i love stud because I AM ONE.

  5. Karridy

    I agree with 50% of that.