Big Final Table Action, Sorta

by , Jun 11, 2007 | 9:34 pm

tomwin2.JPGLAS VEGAS–When Tom won a bracelet last week, he did it Jamie Gold-style — got hit in the head with the deck then successfully wielded his chip-lead for the duration of the tourney. Now they’re down to six at the final table in the $2,500 HORSE event, and this time Schneider is playing more “cockroach” style … they just can’t seem to kill him. He’s had pretty much a short stack throughout the tournament, and yet when he’s starting to look like he’s in a really bad place … he wins a big hand.

Tom’s wife Julie is back in town, whooping it up with semi-suggestive screams that might turn into the best/worst peanut gallerying since “Aussie Aussie Oy Oy!”

Click here to follow the hand-by-hand action.

UPDATE: “Mama Mizrachi” is very nervous, because her son Robert is all-in — OK, she’s better now as he just survived … twice! “Write it down! Write it down! He was almost out and now he’s not!”

Robert Goldfarb would also like to say hi to Smooshy. Um … of the 24 people semi-watching this final table, eight of them could be defined as “goofy.”

The freestanding ESPN cameras have started circling to get the occasional shot. But all the real TV action is in the super-secret-hidden-table … where Rick Fuller and Andy Philachack are left trying to take down Phil Hellmuth, who apparently has a very large chip lead. But no one really knows anything about what’s going on in this event. The idea behind it is great — let’s broadcast final tables on the internet. But check out this picture of all the action/history that may or may not be going on:


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