Dallas Raid, Again?

by , Jun 2, 2007 | 2:45 pm

I don’t know much about Dallas but I heard a room was raided last night…

“[Name removed] room (The Straddle) got raided last night”

Does anyone have information on this?

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  1. Venita

    I wasn’t there but I’ve talked to several people who were, including a dealer. Yes, it’s true. The dealers and Gabe were finally released about noon today. They were in good spirits about the whole thing.

    I’ll see if I can get someone who was actually there to post details.

  2. Fresh Princess

    Yikes, no fun to spend the night in jail. Thanks for the update.

  3. Venita

    We should have an “eyewitness account” soon . . . I spoke with someone who was there and I think he’s going to post details.

  4. The Mantis

    Yes, Dallas vice raided the room around 9:30 last night. All players were issued tickets for class C misdemeanor, even those not playing like myself. The dealers and owner were cuffed and hauled to the pokey like the hardened criminals we know them to be. /sarcasm off. This group faces class A misdemeanors. The cops were in general very professional.
    One shouted very loudly that this raid was taking placing because we were participating in an illegal activity…………..DUHHHHH!!!!
    I can’t help but think, given the nature of society today that Dallas Vice would have more serious crimes to fight…

    The Mantis

  5. donkey

    Here’s a thought, does anyone realize that all the busts in Dallas over the past 2 years happen on Fridays? with a coupla of Saturday nighters. So if you got a poker room or if you are a player, you may want to take a break on Fridays and Saturdays.

  6. BigSlick75093

    The straddle just sent out an email on Friday, announcing how they were still open and detailing all of their events. Not sure if the raid was just a co-incidence or not.

    Does anyone know about the legal liability of the building owner when a poker room is raided? If the owner knowingly allows a poker room to operate, what can happen to them?

  7. opk

    I was there as well playing. I happened to be one of the 1st ones to leave, so I can’t attest as to who went to the pokey. I got the obligatory gambling ticket. From what I saw the cops were pretty professional, doing their jobs. There was no SWAT, mainly vice and a few street cops. Gabe seemed to handle it pretty well he had his lawyer on the phone right away. Other than losing the $200 I had on the table and the ticket it was pretty cool.

    Down side is that that it was my regular room. Anyone know of another one?

  8. donkey

    Bigslick, the answer to your question is that you will lose your building, if in fact the owner knowingly allows a poker room to operate. They can confiscate your building just like they take all the gambling paraphanalias. I don’t know if IRS agents were there as well, but the owners and operators may face some tax evasions as well.

    “Other than losing the $200 I had on the table and the ticket it was pretty cool.” Dude, you are either a cop or hardcore playa, that’s messed up. I’d be pissed.

    “One shouted very loudly that this raid was taking placing because we were participating in an illegal activity…………..DUHHHHH!!!!” Hey Mantis, is that the sound of an AK47 going off on all the criminals? Man, rough bunch.

    “…released about noon today. They were in good spirits about the whole thing.” Yeah, considering they spent about 15 hours in jail, lost all their properties, all their money, their jobs, tax-free income, and probably an upcoming home raid along with some IRS agents.

  9. RB

    Hey Donkey….. Your comment in response to the “in good spirits”… If a home raid or IRS were to happen that would be A FIRST. There are always others rooms to deal at and always players around that will play since a ticket is just no more than the price of gas up and back to OK or LA. I have a feeling DONKEY’S a cop. (Trying to scare everyone). Doesn’t work though. Haven’t you noticed after all the raids everyone takes a day or two off then back to finding another room that hasn’t gotten raided.

  10. opk

    Donk- Until we change the law it’s illegal. The ticket is part of the rake until then.

    No one denies it’s illegal right now. Cops stop people from doing illegal things. You and I can argue the relative societal cost of different illegal things the Vice cops could be stopping, but they’re 100% justified in busting it.

    Gabe knew the possible costs going in. He had the lawyer on speed dial before the cops got to his office. I’m sure he set the rake accordingly. Cost of doing business.

    BTW I did notice that his ‘Bad Beat Jackpot” was up above $12,000. That on top of his regular rake goes a long way in paying off $4,000 fines or getting that lawyer to lessen the jail time.

    If in 2 years we don’t change the law then maybe society wants poker to stay underground. All these ‘costs of doing business’ don’t come near what the State rake would have been had HB 3186 passed.

  11. RB

    You are absolutely correct. Everyone goes in knowing what the risk is. The $500 bond and any fines incurred are minimal compared with what the house and dealers are being paid. Unless they increase the charge and levy hefty fines there’s always going to be underground poker houses.

  12. donkey

    “$500 bond and any fines incurred are minimal…” PLUS attorney cost around $10k, add another $10k if there is a trial, PLUS possible jail time up to 1 year.

    “If a home raid or IRS were to happen that would be A FIRST” Take it from someone who hosted a game, got busted, and got IRS on my ass. YES, they were at the raids.

    “The ticket is part of the rake until then” I love u man, if i reopen, i want a hundred people like u. I’m sure i know who both of u are anyways. good luck guys, i hope you find another safe place to go where you don’t get raided or robbed. There’s not a lot of risks for players other than the robbery part, but for an operator, you put in thousands of $$$ and hours to start it , and within minutes, it’s all gone. I only know a few poker rooms left in Dallas, but I would never start another one, it’s not worth it.

  13. opk

    Nor would I. Others take the chance and we (players) benefit. How could you enter into opening a room with any other expectation than to be busted?

    If you re-open let me know.

  14. RB

    Well Donkey, if you were a smart operator you would have stashed away a big portion of cash made from the rake over the course of time. If you paid 10K for an attorney you got screwed. Most of the prior cases were pleaded down to Class C Misdemeanor, court costs plus fines equaled $300.00. A few used a public defender and got the same deal so no attorney costs at all. Others paid as little as $500 for attorney fees. Other dealers got their case dismissed altogether with no fines.

    When you put in lots of $’s up front most of that is made back in the first couple of months providing you have a steady flow of players all week. Do you really think that the “bad beat” money was on site??? NOT A CHANCE. That is where the players get screwed, they pay for the bad beat but once there’s a raid that money is never seen again. (In most cases). That bad beat money sure can go a long way in paying attorney’s fees.