DonkeyBomber – Day 1 Leader!

by , Jun 4, 2007 | 10:32 am

Our own Tom Schneider went to bed as the chip leader in Event #5, Omaha / Seven Card Stud HiLo. Tom epitomizes “momentum player”, who’s success depends on his ability to zone and work his image. You might remember that the last time Tom wrapped one up in the lead he went on to bank a quarter mill during his television debut (WPT). It’s all about getting off to a good start and he’s certainly done that.

In last week’s episode of Beyond The Table, Tom declared one of his strict goals this series would be to place well in mixed events, setting him up for backing in the 50k HORSE event. Tom,.. I got five on it.

Tom Schneider WSOP Chip Leader

3 Comments to “DonkeyBomber – Day 1 Leader!”

  1. SitNGoSteve

    Go Tom – your “groupies” are pulling for you!!

    If you could put Matusow on Tilt, that would be excellent too – heh.

  2. Ed

    Does this mean Poker News will actually follow Tom’s progress today? I went through the entire first day and saw no mention of him. Was trying to see how he got the stack. Was it one key hand? Was it many small pots?

    Good job Tom! Keep up the great work and make proud. Oh…and Beyond The Table! 😛


  3. DanM

    Karridy, thanks for keeping the readers posted on this. We ran into some internet troubles early on. We’ll try to follow him this evening as he donks it up towards the money!