Eskimo Clark collapses at the table

by , Jun 12, 2007 | 3:18 am

LAS VEGAS–Paul “Eskimo” Clark was playing in the $2,000 7-stud Hi Lo event today … Dallas pro Gregg Merkow was at his table, and it was two chips for Eskimo to call. He threw in one, and then sorta froze. After some seconds lapsed, players started trying to recapture his attention, letting him know he needed to throw another chip in the pot. That didn’t happen, and soon the other players at the table were helping him to the ground, where he lay as the tournament was stopped and medical help was summoned.

So not to be crass — because of course we hope he is recovering, as surely plenty of players who have fronted him do, too — but what happens to a player’s chips in this situation? Clark had about 4,275 when the apparent stroke happened. So when it was clear he would not be back anytime soon, floor staff removed his original 4,000 chips from play, and then anted off the remaining 275, so the table would not be at a disadvantage. Word is that the WSOP also refunded his buy-in.

8 Comments to “Eskimo Clark collapses at the table”

  1. Fresh Princess

    Any news on his recovery?

  2. d

    i hope he dies.

  3. Karridy

    wow, D. That’s horrible. Even for a poker player. I know one person who is hoping he makes a swift and inexpensive recovery.

  4. coinflip

    in ivan drago voice… “if he dies, he dies”

  5. DanM

    **i hope he dies.**

    um, karma much?

  6. Ed

    Stroke this!

  7. J

    Nice, the people who don’t care if Eskimo dies or not.

    Let’s see, you’re a fan of poker, on tv and in tournaments, you see and enjoy all these people playing poker, and then you wish one of them dies. Nice.

    As for me, I sincerely hopes he doesn’t die. The man is a poker player, he’s playing because that’s how he makes his living, and he is sure not making money lying on a hospital bed. And since he’s probably self-employed because of the poker biz, that hospital bill is going to hurt.

    If I were to ever see you, D and Coinflip, at a poker table, and you have a heart attack, I’ll be sure to push your body off the table before calling the floor staff to deal with your chips. So nice that your callous life has ended. Oh well.

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