I Won and Thanks

by , Jun 6, 2007 | 6:22 am

Thanks to all my sweaters. Special thanks to Dan and Karridy for providing emotional support during the tournament. Julie, my wife, gave me several tongue lashings about my play which kept me on track. Pat Poels and Robert Goldfarb provided strategy advice and a calming influence.

It truly was an amazing experience. The cards ran over me. Luck is not overrated. I didn’t even want to play in this event. Sooo much for game selection. You will hear more about my experience on Beyond the Table. Take a listen. I’m done. I’m drunk and going to bed with a bracelet in my room. Thanks to everyone at Pokerati for wishing me well, and for those that didn’t, jump on the train, cuz it’s leaving.

I guess Dan was lucky that he wasn’t able to drop me from his fantasy poker team. I truly appreciate all of your support


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  1. DanM

    It should be pointed out that the bracelet — ladies thin — is very gay. Like really. Not a joke.

  2. Bundas

    Tom Very nice Job !! was fun checking the updates and seeing you at the top every time..

    Now it looks like you have a bankroll for alot more events keep it going my friend..

    Oh by the way no more Pokerati INV for you I dont think folks that own that kind of BLING should be allowed to play… But I’m sure Dan will let you cuse then he can say that a WSOP champ plays in his event.. so see you next year in Dallas.

  3. Tom

    WTF TOM! Nice taking one down for the team!

  4. TBR

    So, does this mean Tom jumps over me in the Pokerati correspondent standings? Congrats, Tom.

  5. Uncle Ray

    Congrats, Tom. At each post as the field was dwindling I wanted to comment about how well you were doing carrying the entire Pokerati Nation on your back, but in true gambling/athletics/competition fashion, I didn’t want to jinx it.

    I watched the updates more closely than any Poker TV show. It’s great to know the people you are cheering for, even if I only know you through Pokerati.

    You’re awesome!!!

  6. son of sue

    Congrats, Tom.

  7. Mulry

    Way to go Tom! Congrats.

  8. The Bracelet

    To my dearest Tom… It seemed like just yesterday that I left my quarry. I was young. I was unsure and afraid. My carat count was high and I felt far too malleable for the world I saw in front of me. Tom, I have never felt so comfortable and secure as I did when I first learned that I would spend the rest of my life as your prized possession. The way you bragged about me and showed me off to all of your friends was something out of a fairy tell. Like Cinderella’s slipper, I truly believe I was made for your wrist. If you don’t believe me, just ask Goldfarb. (I understand why he would want to try me on, I really do. I’m just happy that I could leave an impression on him 🙂 It was a magical night and I only have you to thank. Well, and Julie. PS- Thanks for the vantage point back in the room last night. Quite an ass on that one. Kinda made me wish I had been formed into a cigar tube instead.


    The Bracelet

  9. Tulsa

    Way to go, Tom. Now I don’t feel so bad getting smoked by you at the Pokerati Invitational. Nor by getting beat by you while playing cards. Well done and congrats!

  10. Andrew Hime

    *sigh* Could you at least not say you hate the games?

  11. Bill Cosby

    “Thanks to all my sweaters.” – I’m glad you share my sentiment. P.S. My sweaters are much nicer.

  12. April

    Congrats Tom! Finally someone Pokerati can be proud of. 😉

  13. Scott Chaffin

    Way to go, Tom! If you need an entourage, I’m available.

  14. donkey

    uh..huh huh..hey beavith…he said tongue lashing

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  16. DanM

    TBR, I think that goes without saying. But you can still catch him. I’m pretty sure, however, Lavigne can’t.

  17. jen

    Congrats Tom!

  18. Kendall

    Wow, Congrats on the bracelet

  19. SitNGoSteve

    I look forward to every argument with Tom ending with “I can’t hear what your saying with this bracelet stuck in my ear”.

  20. Lavigne in Austin

    wtf does that mean, Dan? punk.

  21. Short-Stacked Shamus

    “I will not be playing any stud events [or] stud high-low.” — Beyond the Table (5/23/07)

    I love it. Wire-to-wire, too. Simply awesome.

  22. Patrick The Longtime Lurker

    Spectacular win, sir!

    Well done and congratulations to you!

  23. Fresh Princess

    No, Dan you’re wrong. The bracelet is the first one that doesn’t look like you should be in the mafia.
    Great Job Tom!

  24. DanM

    Shamus, are you here in Vegas? How come you haven’t said hi?

  25. DanM

    And if you don’t mind me getting poker geeky for a second … it really was great being a “sweater.” I was a little nervous when it got to heads-up that if Tom lost the chip lead he might crash. (Mrs. Donkey Bomber vociferously agrees, by the way.) But he severely wounded his opponent on the very first hand after dinner break, and from there it was an educational privilege to watch Tom put on a clinic for beating down your opponent into submission.

    His final table play was a chess game and UFC match all at the same time.

  26. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Dan . . . no, not in Vegas. Working from afar.

    Hope you found a decent pair of sunglasses. And remember, you’re only one bracelet behind in the Pokerati 2007 WSOP Bracelet Race.

  27. DanM

    Indeed, I am ready. When I was in LA a couple months ago, i struck gold right across the street from Gonz’s hotel: