Late-night Tournament Updates

by , Jun 29, 2007 | 4:25 am

LAS VEGAS–They’re still three-handed in the HORSE event … Bruno Fitoussi, Freddy Deeb, and John Hanson. Chips are such that it’s still anyone’s game.

Meanwhile, Tom is somehow still alive in the 7-stud Hi Lo event. Waiting to receive a text about his chip count. (He must be playing lots of hands now, which can be dangerous for him in this game. At least I think. When he and his friends start talking stud situations, I do a lot of head-nodding and “uh huh”s.)


Hav 4500 was down 2 475 at 200 400

Also alive in that event is North Texas player Damon Ramirez. (Understandable that he is not being tracked yet … because he has only 19 career cashes under his belt.) Last we heard on Damon, he was pretty short-stacked while sitting at Doyle Brunson’s table.

UPDATE: Brunson finished Day 1 second in chips.

Damon Ramirez, not Doyle Brunson

5 Comments to “Late-night Tournament Updates”

  1. Venita

    OK, I just read on Pauly’s blog that HORSE will be played at the final table this year instead of NLHE. To me, that’s big news and I’m surprised I hadn’t heard it before now. Did everybody knows this but me . . . ?

  2. DanM

    Venita, Pokerati first mentioned it here:

    Am sure it was discussed elsewhere on the internet earlier.

    But it’s OK, we don’t think you’re dumb.

  3. Venita

    I just re-read the content from your link . . . I’m blonde so maybe that’s why I’m still not getting it. So — just to make sure I’ve got it . . . the final table of the Main Event will be HORSE, and not just Hold ‘Em?

  4. DanM

    Venita Venita … is everything OK back in D-town? How’re you running?

    The game at the final table of the WSOP main event will be No Limit Texas Hold’em, just as the final table of the HORSE event was HORSE.

    We are hearing, however, that the game played on Day 3 of the main event will be chess.

  5. Venita

    From P’s blog:

    >> They will be playing HORSE this year at the final table instead of NL like last year.

    I guess I just read it wrong . . . obviously he was speaking purely within the context of the HORSE event . . .

    I sure picked a bad day to quit sniffin’ glue.