Local Boy Makes Good!
Iconic Stories Repeat Themselves at WSOP

by , Jun 25, 2007 | 3:48 pm

LAS VEGAS–Several of my 1/6-of-the-year Vegas friends don’t like that we focus so much on Dallas pokerings here at Pokerati — but hey, it’s hard not to. More hometown folks are arriving by the day. (So are Europeans.) And while the Batfaces swooped in this weekend, got their asses kicked, and fled town, some of the other good North Texas poker players are sticking around for a bit more WSOP action.

RICHARD FERRO for example, is still alive in the $1,500 mixed hold’em event with an average chip stack, and 125 players remaining (out of 620). 63 get paid.

Click here to follow his action.

Just last week, he maintained the chip lead throughout much of the $2,000 Limit Hold’em event — and cashed relatively deep — $11,000 for finishing 12th (out of 599). TJ CLOUTIER was the next player out, getting paid the same. Later that night — or possibly the next day — one of these players supposedly lost “five dimes” playing craps.

Any guess which one?

CORRECTION: We are now hearing it was only $3,000 lost on the craps table.

RODEEN TALEBI may not be on anyone’s fantasy team, but he has arrived in Vegas apparently ready to play. He finished in 22nd place last night — about $22k prize — in the $1,500 Saturday No-Limit Hold’em #4.

WEBBER KANG is also here. But he wasn’t playing yesterday — says he’s not running well. Instead he bought a piece of MARCO PALACIOS, who is hanging on (but just barely) as Day 2 gets underway in the mixed hold’em event.

8 Comments to “Local Boy Makes Good!
Iconic Stories Repeat Themselves at WSOP

  1. Ed

    “Shortly thereafter, one of these players supposedly lost “five dimes” playing craps. Any guess which one?”

    My money would be on TJ. I have heard about his craps addiction.


  2. DanM

    But do you think TJ is the only one out there who tends to gamble a little more recklessly shortly after a score? I have a feeling that this behavior applies to lots of people here at the WSOP … TJ’s just the one who has earned a reputation for it — which probably has more to do with his success on the felt than any struggles off.

    (I’m not saying it’s not TJ nor no one … just someone.)

  3. Michele Lewis

    I’m so bummed TJ didn’t make the final table. He’s on my fantasy poker team. Darn it!

  4. Dallas is Dead

    Local poker pro Vandy who plays at DPC is still the Omaha Hi Lo 5pm ,,,another dallas player to root for.


  5. Tiny B


    The only Batface I saw getting their ass kicked over the weekend was you, both at the blackjack table and with this website’s “problems”. Sure, we had no cashes in the tournaments, but we won several satellites, won money in the cash games and despite Shane, went home collectively with a profit, so as usual you’re reporting has huge errors in it. Go Batfaces and go Como.

  6. beelzebubba

    i think it is okay to be a degenerate, i am sick to keno. eversince i won the global championship. i cant get enough of the little balls.

  7. zach

    Bellagio craps dealers told me if you see T.J cloutier on the craps table “DON”T PLAY” wait till he leaves, he’s very unlucky. So I saw him on the rio tables 2 days ago and I jumped on to see if it was true. My first roll bounced out and T.J said to me . Well we can’t win if you throw them off the table. After that I proceeded to hit 3 points, almost hitting the 1st of the fire bets, I made everyone on the table $ and T.J a few grand and left.

  8. on tilt

    richard was nice enough to bust me out of a small razz tourny about a week prior to this. guess he’s still runnng good.

    congrats bro. nice job