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JJ Liu in the Hot Seat

by , Jun 7, 2007 | 3:13 pm

LAS VEGAS–Dude, Michele, maybe I’m biased … but you’re a pretty good hallway reporter. I’m sure, as usual, our readers will let everyone know if I am wrong.

Here’s Michele interviewing Mel Judah, who has more to say about the diversity of WSOP events and the actual fear evoked by Tuesday’s windstorm:

And this interview, with J.J. Liu, I found particularly fascinating. Not just because Michele shows her Sam Donaldson chops, but because of some hubbub I heard from presumably reliable sources just a couple days earlier … about Liu’s scandalous past. First, the video (watch for tells):

According to Oliver Tse, who was previously J.J. Liu’s agent, he had to “fire” his first client in his quest to become the Brian Balsbaugh of Asia because “her reputation [in Taiwan] is worse than O.J. Simpson’s.” Yeow, Oliver, how do you really feel? Apparently, she fled Taiwan some 20-plus years ago and came to the U.S. to escape some big bank-fraud scandal, Tse says, and then when that statute of limitations expired, she was able to come back from exile after her lawyer went on to become president of the country. Or something like that … I was eating a terrible $7 cheeseburger when he was dressed in coat-and-tie and giving me the critical skinny.

Either way, aren’t full-time poker characters great?

3 Comments to “More Fresh P TV
JJ Liu in the Hot Seat

  1. Woody

    Fresh P rocks. My only advice: keep a firm wrist holding the mic. It’s flopping around a lot. Move it with your arm, not your hand. Keep up the good work.

  2. DanM

    I kinda like the limp-wrist thing. She should probably also twirl her hair more and giggle.

  3. Fresh Princess

    Thanks Woody.