No Bracelet, No Cry

by , Jun 16, 2007 | 8:10 pm

LAS VEGAS–While I can understand the tears of a champion, crying because you lost is just absurd. Unless someone is going to cut your legs off, here is a list of reasons why you should not cry at the WSOP:

1. Someone else in the world has just lost a loved one
2. You have a new friend that will help you get your watch out of the pawn shop
3. A five year old just worked a 12 hour day for five bucks
4. You know you can parlay twelve dollars into $1500 for the next buy-in
5. You have a roof over your head
6. You know you are cool because you DON’T do chip tricks
7. You have friends
8. Some hot chick at the hooker bar just hit on you
9. You don’t have any friends
10. You’re confident in your sexual preference
11. It’s a frickin’ game

Do not get me wrong, it is disappointing when eliminated, especially if you play poorly. In fact, you may even say “Ugh! I’m quitting this game”! However, if you play inadequately because work, family, and/or friends distract you then you only have yourself to blame.

We can safely say that most poker players have the slow-mo fantasy. You know, the bracelet wrapping around your wrist as they announce your name, snap your picture and dump piles of money in your face. But in the end…if you don’t win another one in a few years no one will remember you anyway, and you might end up broke trying to make that second goal.
That reminds me, I’m off to play cash to win a buy-in, to win a bracelet.

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