Official Word on Latest Dallas Raid

by , Jun 3, 2007 | 2:53 pm

Julian in Dallas writes in with a trip report from his most recent poker activity:

On Friday night, June 1, 2007, the Dallas Vice Unit and Northwest Division Patrol officers executed a Search Warrant at:

“Live Straddle”
7141 Envoy Ct.

28 citations for gambling

5 arrests gambling promotion M/A

4 poker tables,
poker chips,
playing cards, computer equipment, assorted paperwork, $4,599.00 cash

Deputy Chief J Bernal
Narcotics Division
Dallas Police Department

Umm, I guess $4,600 is a nice score … but really Deputy Chief, if you keep on being such a table bully, it won’t be long before you have no one to play with. I mean you probably feel like you’re winning … but really, check your bankroll … are you?

From what I hear, you and your players are not allowed in Oklahoma … and I have a feeling that’s where most of the Dallas action is headed, because, frankly, people are troubled by the way you guys play. Not trying to be judgmental or anything, I just suspect that once you have no more poker to contend with … c’mon, we both know your past … you’re gonna get back into drugs, aren’t you.

23 Comments to “Official Word on Latest Dallas Raid”

  1. Tim B.

    considering how much these assholes spammed me, i cant believe it took THIS long. id never been to this room, never HEARD of this room, and for sure never game them my email address, so i can only assume that they either got it off of a posting in a forum or blog somewhere, OR bought it from one of the rooms i had been to in the past… they didnt know me from adam, i could have been checking that address from the dallas vice offices for all they knew. aside from just being FUCKING IRRITATING, spamming random people is not a great way to stay in business in this current climate.

  2. BigSlick75093

    Did you ever consider emailing them and asking them to remove you from their email list?

  3. Dallas is Dead

    Agreed, most will remove you from email and texts, if they didn’t then screw ’em. Plenty of great non spamming rooms still around on the down low. Don’t think anyone will miss them.

  4. donkey

    wow, some strong comeback from Dan to Deputy dog. Dan you are my hero man.

  5. Beltline Bandito

    One more nail in the coffin of my neighborhood poker career. I guess I need to go to Winstar after all. I hadn’t played at LS either, but I had met some people affiliated there and, as is usually the case, they seemed like our kind of people. I was on their list but it doesn’t bother me, given that I actually was interested in what they sent and often considered going over for a game. I would have, eventually, but for the location. I agree about the Friday/Saturday problem. If you and I were planning to bust anybody who was trying to have some fun, whether it’s high school kids drinking or stoners listening to Pink Floyd and playing with flashlights on the ceiling, we’d do it on a weekend. One thing you guys haven’t mentioned is that in addition to the ticket, the players lose their buy-in money (I am supposing), which in some weekend games can run into a few hundred if you’re running bad and have done some rebuys. That’s never happened to me, of course, but listening to BTT I gather that (ahem…) some of the Pokerati occasionally get a little behind on the evening…?

  6. Dallas Rounder

    I was there that day at the bust. It was pretty gay. And I’m going to have to be honest with you…I think they got more money than that outta that place. There were 3 cash tables and 1 tournament table going. I was the chip leader in the final table with 4 players left in the tourney….I was pissed. It would have been nice to finish the tourney out, so that I could pay my fine with the winnings. It sucks that they got shut down, it was such an easy game…hahaha

  7. Anonymous Asshole

    Well, to point #1 and #2.

    I got on their list as my list was probably sold to them from the first Aces variety……I noticed the timing happened right after that. It might have been someone else that sold my name but I am guessing that was the list. After all, they had some fund raising to do…..

    Anyway, I requested to get off their txt message list and they obliged with the first request.

    Here’s the funny thing. I live in N. Frisco. 1 hour to either OK casino. 40-50 mins for me to get to 2 rooms I visit and I pass on going to one in N. Dallas due to the play I have experienced there (both my own poor play and others seeming to play in collusion.)

    AA out 🙂

  8. Venita

    Another disturbing thing about these raids — I can’t imagine that all the cash seized makes it into evidence, if you get my drift. This would certainly be an incentive for a Friday-night-at-10:00 p.m. raid, when there’s more cash in the house than at any other time during the week. Talk about freeroll . . .

  9. Becca

    Hey Venita. Let me know if you’re interested in Margarita’s at another “house”. I’ve been asked to host on Thur nights so I’m going to be putting together some FAMILIAR people for a game that night.

  10. Becca

    Venita you got that right about the cash. They took my own personal money out of my pocket and kept it. It’s rare that the dealers have any of the play money on them. It usually gets passed off ASAP. The first time they padded me down they let me keep the money. The second time they took it. Had I known I would have taken that money and put it “down low” so they couldn’t find it. We were frisked again once we were booked but it wasn’t like a cavity search or anything. It could have been easily hidden without them ever knowing it. I guess I should feel lucky that they let me keep the cash in my purse. (All of which was my own personal monies). The cops that transported us to jail were actually pretty cool. They said they were just there to transport and didn’t have anything to do with the raid. The lady cop said she didn’t understand why they waste their time raiding these places. Most of the extra’s sent in for transport seemed more interested in eating the spaghetti that was on the menu for the night than anything else. LOL

  11. Sick Of Spam

    The spammer that advertised for this joint was the same that spammed for “Aces”, back in the day. Some guys never learn.

  12. opk

    Becca – I was there on the second cash table. There was easily $1500 in play there. From what I hear there were over 40 at the $30 tourney and none had been paid out. The main cash game had to have more than $2000 at it and the 3rd cash table hadn’t started yet. I’m guessing the cash seized is pretty close and the ‘rake’ wasn’t much.

    I assume G didn’t have the bad beat jackpot on site, so other than starting over this can’t be an enormous problem for him.

  13. Venita

    Hey Becca! Glad you’re doing OK. I’m in for Thursday nite . . . our friend E (“Chay Wuh Hun!!”) has my number — S has my number as well. Call me.

  14. donkey

    Becca, I totally forgot that you were a part of this. I’m so sorry this happened to you babe. Tell “Hose” his buddy says hi.

  15. Becca

    Venita ur so funny….Chay Wuh Hun LOL. I’ll get ur # and give you details for Thurs night. Donkey, I’m still trying 2 figure out who u r. Obviously a previous “Ace’s” player since u know “Hose” LOL.

    C, S & I are going to an attorney that only charges $500/person to handle the case. (Same one that J.B. dealers used).

  16. MikiMouse

    Tuff break for G and Co. I for ONE appreciate yall takin the risk so all us ingreats have a place to play seven days a week.I dont understand all these goofballs who spout “serves’em right for advertising” comments.
    I went to another local spot since freeroll sunday was a bust and the proprietor actually made the same comment. Rediculous!! A “raid” is part of the nature of this particular business. Grown folks who tread the line, understand the risks and take it in stride. How can anyone who understands that blame someone for getting all they can while they can? ITS A MISDEMEANOR PEOPLE!!!!!!!
    Anyway THANX Straddlers: for takin one for the team, and submitting yourselves to the disease factory that is Dallas City Jail. Noone should have to use toilet paper for a pillow and blanket. Stay up yall.

  17. BigSlick75093

    Just curious if “J”, who owns the building was there during the bust? If so, what sort of legal problems is he going to be facing, considering he lives there as well?

  18. Becca

    “J” wasn’t there to my knowledge and I think they (police) would have a hard time proving he knew about what was going on. This wasn’t his homestead by any means, just another place to live if he chose to. So he could always claim that he was living elsewhere most of the time. I really don’t think they’re concerned about prosecuting anyone other than the operator & dealers anyway.

  19. Woody

    I’m sure “J” would appreciate it if he wasn’t thrown under the bus on a publicly available internet site that is known to be visited by DPD.

  20. TheStraddler

    I just want to thank “G” and the others that walked the line for us degenerate gamblers. The Straddle was a great place to play. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the dealers, and the players that choose to make “The Straddle” their home away from home.
    So just like the Cowboys, we will go somewhere else.

    Stay hard,

  21. "the angry little asian girl"

    yah the straddlers rocked. F the DPD cuz we are “alot dangerous” than other crimials, thats why they came after us…. way to show how big their balls are. becca n Venita, lets get drunk with’s margarita at someplace else

  22. theNutz

    Man WTF!??? I try to call up G to see if there is a tournament, and then I find out that the LS got busted. I’m seriously bummed, becuase that’s the only place I ever played. I don’t know of any others. Can someone hook me up?

  23. Jimmy

    I actually went there 2 weeks ago to play in the tournament. I usually don’t get out very often due to the new little addition to our family. I walked up to the place to see the ‘For Lease’ sign in the front and the second door gone. I didn’t even know it was gone. I had gotten there 2 weeks too late.

    They’ve always been good about removing you if you don’t want to be on the list.

    Every time I went there I took 1st in the tournament. Not cash, First.

    Everyone there was great and friendly and ran a great room. Never any problems.

    I’m sad to see it go.