Pokerati Plowin’ through the Field(s)

by , Jun 10, 2007 | 10:44 pm

LAS VEGAS–The Fresh Princess is on dinner break in the $1,000 “World Championship” Ladies NLH event … and she’s standing strong as they’re nearing the bubble — with $30k in chips. This is a particularly important event for her to cash in, because she is playing backed by another player. (She made me promise not to reveal his name yet, but I can tell you that he’s on Todd’s Batface fantasy team, not on her fantasy team, and Tom thinks this guy is the very best player in the world right now.)

Click here to follow Michele’s progress — though the official WSOP website isn’t being all that well updated for this event, she is near the chip lead as they are under 200 players. (1286 started, 99 get paid.)

Go Fresh P!

Meanwhile, Tom Schneider somehow stayed alive in the $2,500 HORSE event. It wasn’t looking good when I took off for dinner, but when I returned, he had about 25,000 in chips … against a tougher and tougher remaining field. Click here to follow his action.

382 entries in this field … not sure how many are left — 100ish maybe? His stack seems somewhere between slightly below average and slightly above. And this comes after a huge grumble: “I just lost a huge [amount] with rolled-up fives. Rolled-up fives! Can you believe it?!?”

UPDATE: 80 players left. 40 get paid. He now has about 19k … a little below average but not overly threatening.

Um, no Tom, I cannot. I also cannot believe that the chip counters had no clue who you were until Pauly corrected the situation about 10 minutes ago. Geesh, you’d think Rodney Dangerfield Donkey Bomber would get a little more respect having won a bracelet. Don’t they know how insecure he is about this sort of thing?

Speaking of … there’s a new episode of Beyond the Table up. Check out the player to the right or right-click here to hear Tom talk about how much he hates Stud and Hi-Lo events … before he won a bracelet in them.

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  1. Jamie D

    Good Luck From Houston, Michele and nice job with the media gig.