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by , Jun 12, 2007 | 11:52 am

LAS VEGAS–Here is the complete list of multi-bracelet years. This information comes from what might arguably be the best publication in poker — BJ’s Pocket Guide to the 2007 WSOP / Daily Schedule & Media Guide:

1973 – Puggy Pearson (3)
1974 – Jimmy Casella (2)
1976 – Doyle Brunson (2) Howard Andrew (2)
1977 – Doyle Brunson (2) Bobby Baldwin (2)
1978 – Gary Berland (2)
1979 – Gary Berland (2) Louie Lakewood (2)
1981 – Stu Ungar (2)
1982 – Billy Baxter (2) David Sklansky (2)
1983 – Tom McEvoy (2)
1984 – Jack Keller (2) Dewey Tomko (2)

1993 – Ted Forrest (3) Humberto Brenes (2) Phil Hellmuth (3)
1994 – TJ Cloutier (2)
1995 – Dan Harrington (2) Men “the Master” Nguyen (2) Hilbert Shirey (2)
1997 – Max Stern (2)
2000 – Chris Ferguson (2)
2001 – Nani Dollison (2) Scotty Nguyen (2)
2002 – Phil Ivey (3) Layne Flack (2)
2003 – Chris Ferguson (2) Men Nguyen (2) Johnny Chan (2) Layne Flack (2) John Juanda (2) Phil Hellmuth (2)
2004 – Scott Fischman (2) Ted Forrest (2)
2005 – Mark Seif (2)
2006 – Bill Chen (2) Jeff Madsen (2)

All that’s gotta make the 53.5 not all that surprising, right?

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  1. BJ Nemeth

    Thanks for the kind words, Dan, but a correction needs to be made. There’s a typo in version 1.0 of the Pocket Guide, and Phil Hellmuth won *3* bracelets in 1993, the same year that Ted Forrest won three. I believe everything else is accurate.

    This is one of the pitfalls of self-publishing, self-editing, and self-proofing on a very tight deadline.

    Version 1.1 of the Guide (sponsored by Bluff or Full Tilt or someone) should be available at the WSOP this week, and it’ll have that corrected along with a few other useful features, like a complete schedule listed on three pages for quick scanning (for questions like “When is the Seniors Event?” or “When is $10K Pot-Limit Omaha?”).

    I just need to follow Homer Simpson’s advice after his experience voicing Poochy the Rockin’ Dog on “Itchy & Scratchy” …

    Homer Simpson: “Well, I guess I learned my lesson. The thing is, I lost creative control of the project. And I forgot to ask for any money. Well, live learn.”

  2. Woody

    On the one hand, the larger fields reduce the odds of having one individual win multiple bracelets.

    On the other hand, the WSOP has (a) increased the number of events, and (b) increased the number of “specialist” events (anything non-hold ’em). The non-holdem events have much smaller fields with a higher concentration of pros, thereby increasing the odds of someone who excels in stud-based games or Omaha-based games winning more than one bracelet.

  3. DanM

    So with all this in mind … multi-bracelet winners in 2007?

  4. DanM

    BJ, i have made the correction. And i was pretty drunk/tired when i typed all those nice things, so you can ignore them. they were all lies.

  5. Kajagugu

    I say over. Especially with all these guys hitting multiple final tables.

    The real question should be – Lady bracelets – over/under at 1.5?