Re: Technical Difficulties

by , Jun 17, 2007 | 4:33 pm

As The Fat Guy mentioned below, we’ve been having some problems with Pokerati’s web server. And to think … we thought we LOVED traffic here in our little corner of the internet. But right now apparently not-so-much — at least not until we migrate to a big-boy server, which is proving more difficult than paying the web thugs who demanded money and now are making us pull our own teeth so they can melt down our fillings.

(Couldn’t be worse timing, either.)

If you can see this post, it means we’re up and running. But we’re not out of the weeds yet. Like the bracelet Gonz used to get into the Playboy Mansion, the internal machinery that is Pokerati is currently being held together with bubble gum. You’ll notice comments aren’t working, and there’s some other techie stuff that goes on behind the scenes that isn’t operational, thereby lowering your poker-blog-reading experience. And there’s a good chance we could go down again on Monday.

Sincere apologies for the downtime it’s your fault for reading us.

ALT HED: Can We Borrow Some Duct Tape?

NOTE TO BLOGGERS: Just discovered the single pages aren’t working right now, so don’t use the “more” option for extended entries. Guess we’ll have to keep the writing extra tight for a while.


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