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by , Jun 6, 2007 | 6:44 pm

LAS VEGAS–Though this arrangement was in the works before he won yesterday, Tom Schneider will be providing the color commentary on today’s live broadcast of the $1,500 Limit Hold’em final table on the official WSOP website. Wow, what a trooper … all work all the time.

For some reason I can’t get the video — or any video on for that matter — to work. Is it my computer/internet/me, or them? Interestingly enough, refresh a few times and you’ll see a slickster ad for the good folks at RawVegas. Their videos always work — perhaps they can show the WSOP’s internet people how to do it.

If you can get these vids to show, here’s one with Lacey Jones interviewing Tom. I bet it’s good … but can’t really know.

Since we’re asking readers for their web advice, I’m thinking of losing the datelines (the all caps city designations for field reports). Whaddya think — you like’em, or not so much?

7 Comments to “RE: Tom TV”

  1. Ed

    Dan, you try em in IE? I am at work still and on a Mac and Opera has issues with their stuff too. Looks like they have that DRM shit and that could be the case. Try IE and I bet you can see em just fine. (Be careful)


  2. Kevin Mathers

    Dan, did you pay the $49.95 for the streaming video?

    I assume you’re going to to see the video. Also, I’m able to watch the video using Firefox.


  3. Lavigne in Austin

    leave the datelines. punk.

  4. Ed

    Yeah…at home and it looks fine on Firefox. Need to update the software for security reasons but I am not having the issues like I was with the Mac browsers.


  5. Sick Of Spam

    You can get the interweb on a mac?

  6. Ed

    yeah. along with about 2-3 games from what i hear.

  7. DanM

    i tried it on both IE and firefox. no luck. it must be my connection. because i can’t access my own ftp folder either. will see how it goes when i make it back to the rio tomorrow.

    but still … whether it’s my computer, my ethernet, or my bad typing, i still have no problem getting rawvegas and pokernews (via youtube) to work. so the worldseriesofpoker site could still make it easier instead of going the hyperprotective cardplayer route.