Amateur Qualifies for Main Event
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by , Jun 25, 2007 | 9:16 am

OK, so maybe he isn’t the first amateur online qualifier, nor will he be the last … But he is the first Rounder Clubber to make accomplish such a feat, and that’s pretty cool. So big congrats to Chris Como, the most accomplished Lodge Amateur Poker graduate and Rounder Club alum. He invested $24+2 in a 336-player event on Full Tilt, where the top 25 qualified for a $200 event … where the top 9 out of 552 won a $12,000 main-event package.

(Sorry Como, can’t Google- hide your name any more … When you register for the WSOP, that becomes a matter of semi-public record.)

UPDATE: Numbers corrected above. Interestingly enough, the first tourney was the last super-satellite into the last WSOP-qualifying satellite on Full Tilt. Como played both events back-to-back, from about 6 pm to 1:30 am.

So out of however many hundreds of pros and thousands of amateurs in the main event, he is now someone whose progress Pokerati will be following — and we couldn’t be happier. Go Como! Make the final table and maybe we can get you a jersey.

In addition to him, below are other the players we care about might possibly be watching in a couple weeks:

Troy Phillips
The Big Randy
Scott Fawcett

Rounder Clubbers
Chris Como

Dallas Homies
John Knauf
Gregg Merkow
TJ Cloutier
Rodeen Talebi
Scott Levy
Lloyd Shinn
Paul Lackey
Richard Ferro
Marco Palacios
Webber Kang

Tom Schneider and the Arizona Posse
Tom Schneider
Big Robert Goldfarb
Pat Poels

North Texas Expats
Doyle Brunson
David Williams
Chantel McNulty

Richard Brodie

Pretty Girls (who can play)
Michele Lau

Pretty Girls (who can’t play)
There’s no such thing in poker, right?

Team Miwaukee’s Best Light
Robert Williamson III

Michele’s and Dan’s Fantasy Teams
(not covered elsewhere on the list
Phil Hellmuth
Steve Wong
Nam Le
Shannon Shorr
Joe Sebok
Marcel Luske
Joe Hachem
David Plastik
Alex Jacob
John Juanda
Eric Seidel
Danny Wong
Jeff Madsen
Harry Demetriou
Justin Bonomo

Problem Children
Eskimo Clark
Vinny Vinh
Brandi Hawbaker
David Sklansky
Bill Chen

Women Possibly Playing in Lingerie

Texans with Criminal Charges Pending against Them
Richard Lee

Ooh, yikes. That’s a lot of people to follow. Maybe we won’t cover everyone after all — hopefully most of them will go out early on Day 1 make it into the money and get seated at the same table! But you know what … though the list above is probably plenty, let me know if there’s someone playing who I left off … and leave any other names (and home town) below that you’d like us to track. We’ll see what we can do.

Official chip counts aren’t always the most accurate, you know … and they seldom have info on “unknowns” that you may care about, like Como and Tom.

9 Comments to “Amateur Qualifies for Main Event
Earthshaking News in Online, Live Poker Worlds!

  1. Fawcett

    Just got off the phone with Como…someone sounds giddy.

  2. son of sue

    I would like to challenge Como being given the title of “most accomplished”. While I think everyone here will agree that he is a much better person and poker player, I believe that I am the only Rounder/Lodge player that has actually cashed in a WSOP event. Am I wrong about that?

  3. DanM

    He won $40k in a Bellagio event that he bought into with Lodge poker championship winnings.

    You are still a one-time Lodge heads-up champion, however.

  4. son of sue

    And no one can ever take that from me.

  5. DanM

    Except the Freeze.

  6. Ed

    “You are still a one-time Lodge heads-up champion, however.”

    Oh god. Please don’t remind me of that night. He was mine!!! MINE!! So close to ruining his chances yet the gods decided to bless him. (At least he didn’t have to cheat to do well unlike some folks we have playing there now.)


  7. DanM

    Be sure to click the “Lodge Amateur Poker” link above for a reminder of the good times.

  8. bunkousebob

    I have always thought of Como as the best player that the Lodge has put into play. this just verifys my opinion. I look forward to following pokerati to be able yo find out how Chris is doing> I expect at least hourly reports on Como Tom and the Princess!

  9. Evil Omaha Sharron

    go como go 🙂