things lacking at the wsop

by , Jun 11, 2007 | 12:59 pm

For one…sleep. My children were jumping on me at 7:30 this morning after I went to bed at 3am. Literally, they were jumping. I was having a wonderful dream…I was playing strip poker running through a field of flowers wearing a pretty dress when suddenly I felt a sharp blow to my thigh. Not good (insert Debbie Downer sound effect), possibly quite detrimental when heading into the second day of a tournament; However, it’s nothing a little Red Bull or Amazon Room Menergy can’t fix.

Another thing lacking this year are crappy dealers. Yes, you can always find a few bad apples in the bunch but overall they are running the games quite nicely.

Reportedly, alive and kicking but still lacking is…Vinnie Vinh. While it’s hearsay he’s alive…what good is hearsay? After all, technically he’s still MIA and I don’t mean the Miami Airport. Not to mention it was probably heard from a poker player and poker players shouldn’t be trusted.

Not lacking are some funny blogs bodogbeatpoker, drunken stories and as usual the mispelling of my name.

4 Comments to “things lacking at the wsop”

  1. DanM

    Michelllle, that was intentional, right? Just checking.

  2. Micheledlewis

    a. you’re slow
    b. I thought you wanted me to play up dat dum thang.

  3. beelzebubba

    sorry to say, i have taken an unofficial survey and the dealers at the rio are still the bottom of the barrel, rejects from all over the country.They are slow, can’t count and are generally lame as are the players.and according to unofficial sources, three of the dykes in the ladies event went out for vietnamese prior to playing and ate Vinnie Vinh.

  4. Fresh Princess

    Hey Fly Lord
    How much did you pay to use that line? Or shall I report it stolen?