Thinking out Loud

by , Jun 28, 2007 | 3:00 pm

LAS VEGAS–While cleaning out some computer files I came across a text document created on May 27, 2007:

Predictions for the World Series

2) Harrah’s will have done it right, oh yeah!

3) There will be some SNAFU

3) A lot of people will be going broke. (This could hurt attendance.)

Phil Hellmuth will win his 11th bracelet. Phil Ivey will win his 8th.

Year of the European.

Main Event over-under stands at 4001.

It will rain at least one day in Las Vegas this summer.

Hmm. Genius I know. Some right, some not, some nowhere to be found. No precipitation here yet — all in Texas apparently. But we did have a mini land hurricane.

ALT HED: The Nostradamus of Poker

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