WSOP Ladies (and a few good men) Event

by , Jun 10, 2007 | 12:05 pm

LAS VEGAS–Yes, I know you are all jealous that I will be playing poker with a bunch of hot chicks today. You should be…you will be missing out on cleavage, cat fights and maybe even a few soft hair mustaches.

Ok, let’s take a moment to be serious. I have always had a great time in these events and have actually made some great friends. The women are funny, nice and the room smells better. It’s just…the cat fight thing makes for a better story for all of you drama addicts.

Among the favorites today will be defending champ Mary Jones, Clonie (who needs not a last name) Jen Tilly, Jennicide, Vanessa Rousso and Isabelle Mercier who will be playing on the Queen of Hearts Team. Veteran player Karina Jett will be playing on the feminine felt, while Annie Duke will be skipping out on the gender game, making her way to the Amazon Room for this afternoon’s $5k Limit Championship. Annie, I’m jealous.

I’m sure Wicked Chops Poker will have a lot of cleavage photos because those guys are a bunch of perverts. I only name-call because I was unsuccessful in my attempt to persuade any of them to register into this event. How funny would it be to see two guys at the final table of the ladies event? And the winner of this year’s ladies event is John Doe!

BTW…I covered the WSOP Ladies Academy this past weekend, which was awesome. More to come on that gig.

4 Comments to “WSOP Ladies (and a few good men) Event”

  1. DanM

    >>>I will be playing poker with a bunch of hot chicks today.<<< Michele, have you played in the Ladies Event before? Though indeed, there will be a few hotties at the table, this event traditionally looks more like a Trucker's Convention ... or at least has the ability to make the LPGA look like a Swedish Bikini Team. You will easily be one of the top 6 hottest ladies on your table ... dealer excluded, of course.

  2. Ed

    Any Jennifer Tilly pics would be great…ok…thanks…good luck and stuff.


  3. GreatWhiteDonk

    There’s another Dallas local there grinding it out….my wife! Doubled up in chips before the first break. May the flops be with her…

  4. DanM

    Got a name/table/seat# GWD?

    and sorry ed, ms. tilly busted early today. i got pictures of pretty much everyone but her.