Yes, indeed, Final Table #3!

by , Jun 30, 2007 | 6:49 pm

LAS VEGAS–Watching the action from the Milwaukee’s Best Light No-Limit Lounge with “Big Robert” Goldfarb … as Tom Schneider has finally — after three final tables in the 2007 WSOP — made it to the TV stage. Granted, it’s the ESPN handheld “B-roll” crew, not the real camerapeople, but still … lots of neato lights.

There are five people left, and Tom is second in chips. One player — Saundra Taylor — is on fumes, just holding out against the scoop. She’s being sweated by Paul Darden and his wife.

Meanwhile, Tom just got scooped, but he’s comfortable — wearing his Pokerati jersey.

Click here to follow the play-by-play.

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