by , Jul 31, 2007 | 5:52 am

We love geek-readers (and listeners) that really get into our silly shizznit. Trevor in Carrollton, for example, may not have use for the Oliver Tse ringtone or even the Amy Calistri … but he has put together a ringtone featuring the theme song from Beyond the Table* and sends it along for your downloadable enjoyment:


Awesome. Now Karridy, Tom, SitNGo Steve and I will be alerted when we get calls that should be instantly sent to voicemail/”ignored”!

*Song is called “Along for the Ride” by Mink Rebellion.

4 Comments to “P-Phone”

  1. Ed

    Sounds like the chipmunks on speed when i click the play button.


  2. Tom Schneider

    And they aren’t playing well either. Maybe it’s Dan’s gerbils.

  3. DanM

    Problem has been corrected.

    Tom, not nice. My gerbils were both killed in a terrible suffocation incident.

  4. Ed

    Did you have them burrow farther…burrow deeper…be your little chimney sweeper?