2,552 Registered so far for Main Event

by , Jul 3, 2007 | 6:05 pm

LAS VEGAS–Start of the main event is three days away … six more days to buy in. Chris Como — the great Rounder Club hope — just arrived and was number 2,552.

Could be wrong … but I think this suggests the numbers will be much bigger than expected. In the qualifier that I played for the Binion’s Tournament, There were only nine entrants five minutes before cards went in the air. By the time registration was closed, there were 31 entrants. Perhaps it’s not best comparing a $70 event to a $10,000 one … but I think it says something sociological about poker players and their buy-in habits.

PREDICTION: Pokerati’s 4,001 over/under line is gonna be well surpassed. Tom Schneider’s $5,000 prop bet with Jeff Lisandro — 5,849 or fewer — is in jeopardy.

One Comment to “2,552 Registered so far for Main Event”

  1. donkey

    If Tom’s bet is under 5849, that’s a great bet, I would love some of that action. Not sure what last year’s number was 6 days before the Main Event, but my guess with all the online qualifiers last year, that number would have been a lot more than 2552. I think the over/under should be set to ~4300, which would be a very disappointing event. That means 1st place will be less than $10mil.