Ask and You Shall Receive

by , Jul 31, 2007 | 6:27 pm

I sent Harrah’s an email this past year asking them to add a circuit event in New Orleans since (please use a Texas accent) we have so many darned Texans that play poker. They responded with a thank you and a we’ll consider your request. Now, I certainly won’t claim that I had any part in Harrah’s announcement today but I will rejoice that they have expanded their WSOP circuit schedule. Which includes a fall tournament in New Orleans.

The schedule for the 2007-08 WSOP Circuit includes:

Property Dates*
Grand Casino Tunica Aug. 29-Sept. 13, 2007
Caesars Indiana Oct. 17-Nov. 2, 2007
Harvey’s Tahoe Nov. 3-13, 2007
Harrah’s New Orleans Nov. 26-Dec. 5, 2007
Harrah’s Atlantic City Dec. 8-18, 2007
Grand Casino Tunica Jan. 3-22, 2008
Harrah’s Rincon San Diego North Jan. 27-Feb. 7, 2008
Horseshoe Council Bluffs Feb. 18-27, 2008
Caesars Atlantic City Mar. 5-15, 2008
Caesars Indiana Apr. 2-16, 2008
Caesars Palace Las Vegas April 20-May 1, 2008
Harrah’s New Orleans May 9-21, 2008

11 Comments to “Ask and You Shall Receive”

  1. beelzebubba

    i am really sad to see you did not mention to anyone your most recent final table finish mrs sexy?9th place that rocks.p.s. you are so hot, not as hot as dan bowling but hot.

  2. Grunkzzz

    Uhm, there has been a circuit event in New orleans for the last two years. I know I was there.

  3. Michele Lewis

    Yes, me too. But it’s always been in May. Now they have added one for the fall.

  4. Grunkzzz

    Oh, you meant add a second one?

  5. Michele Lewis

    Yep, see the expanded schedule above.

  6. Grunkzzz

    Also I noticed that they seemed to have extended the events this year.

  7. donkey

    Hey Dan, I’m pretty sure it was your letter that did it. I mean, the company is pretty small, only about $15 BILLION dollars, and I guess the board decided one day to read customers’ letters and said “hey! this guy Dan really makes sense. Let’s add another circuit event in New Orleans since we had a bunch of Texans playing in this. I think we had about 20 of them last year”

  8. DanM

    Hey Donkey, even better, it was a message sent via telepathy! (Don’t confuse ESP with ESPN.) I never done sent no one no letter-mail!

  9. donkey

    Yah, I meant Michele, I was assuming you wrote this article.

  10. michele lewis

    Yes, that’s why I wrote:

    They responded with a thank you and a we’ll consider your request.

    Typical auto-response.
    However, I will say that in 05 they had such an overwhelming turn out they were using crap dealers to deal poker. Good thing most Texans know how to run a game since one of the dealers asked what the button was.

  11. Grunkzzz

    Now I want to see the schedule of events so I can plan when and where I want to go.