Batface / Rounder / Clonie Update

by , Jul 8, 2007 | 11:30 pm

LAS VEGAS–OK, this will probably be my last update of the night, because I have TWO parties I HAVE to get to. One is with my old-good-good-ole friends at PartyPoker, and the other is a bikini party at a pool. So I am sure you understand.

Clonie Gowen is out. Not happy.

Chris Como is holding together nicely, with about 33,000. UPDATE: Just took a hit and looks a little bummed. But now with about 24,000, he still has almost as many chips as Tom Schneider.

Randy Brown, whom you all know as “The Big Randy” is in the top 10 or 20 in chips for the day, with at least 115,000.

Um, Go Batfaces/Watch out Arizona Posse!?! Sorry folks … yes, I’ve got pictures, but they are going to have to wait. Enjoy what’s in the Pokerati Flickr files in the meantime.

4 Comments to “Batface / Rounder / Clonie Update”

  1. Robert "SANBOB" Sanchez

    Hey Dan couldn’t let all you Batfaces have all the fun I’m playing on Monday. See you there.

  2. Sommer

    TBR is currently 2nd overall in chips according to pokernews.

  3. Fawcett

    Just got off the phone with Como…down. On a brighter note though; he was wandering the halls of the Rio afterward and wound up drunk with Joe Hachem and Shannon Elizabeth at Hooker Island. Joe agrees he overplayed the hand he busted with. There’s some consolation.

    And TBR finished off the day with 66k.

  4. Tagg

    Best of all is the Randy “The Big Randy” Brown link from the official WSOP website on the chip counts page. I’m not sure who the guy in the picture is. And I’m not saying it’s worse than any other picture they could have picked.