Big Omaha Game Robbed in Dallas
Shots fired, player hit

by , Jul 19, 2007 | 5:38 am

As the World Series has concluded and the new poker year begins, just like that we get a reminder of some real issues facing poker players in search of a good, honest game.

Details are sparse as they filter in to Las Vegas, but we’re hearing that a room in Northeast Dallas was robbed at about 1 am central. According to unconfirmed reports:

  • Three men burst into a big Omaha game firing rifles and shotguns.
  • One player hit, either from ricochet or shrapnel.
  • Dallas police were called to the scene and responded.
  • Local news crew in tow.
  • Typical player here lived in Plano, Richardson, Frisco, or McKinney.

This has been at least the third armed robbery of a Dallas poker room in the past few months, fourth if you include the attempted pillaging where the gunmen were briefly locked in a lobby and a dealer tried to hide herself in a trash bag.

3 Comments to “Big Omaha Game Robbed in Dallas
Shots fired, player hit

  1. Woody

    Site often referred to by the same name as a local sports franchise?

  2. Steve

    I been there it is called Redman….

  3. DanM

    Steve, I would like to bet you the sum of 1,000 American Dollars that it was not Redman.