Bubble Burstage

by , Jul 13, 2007 | 1:59 pm

LAS VEGAS–Michele keeps reminding me that real players loathe talking to the media (or just about anyone for that matter) immediately after busting out of a tournament. But I wasn’t going to let good taste get in the way of good journalism a sponsor’s dream … so I nabbed the 2007 bubble boy within minutes of his exit to discuss the crowning moment of his disheartening WSOP adventure.

John Sigan (seen here with his wife, Diana) from the Cleveland area qualified for the main event by winning a series of freerolls on Milbestlight.com. And then, lo and behold, when he went out in 622nd place — one short of a $20,000 payday — he qualified for the Milwaukee’s Best Light Bubble Playoff … where he will be competing against 10 other invitees (they added two to make room for Ted Forrest) for a seat in next year’s main event.

Hear the interview below, (along with a tactless, failed attempt to get a promo spot for Beyond the Table):


As a Pokerati commenter points out, it was none other than North Texas’s Vandy Krouch who delivered the decisive blow — making a calculated decision to kill one poker player for the sake of saving dozens (if not hundreds) of others.

From CardPlayer:

Hand-for-hand play was started fairly soon into the day’s action. Ted Forrest was eliminated in the first of what would be a series of 15 drawn-out hand for hand sessions. Some pros took full advantage of the timid play of the short stacks. Lee Watkinson out-chipped all of the players at his table, and he simply tapped them in each of the 15 hands, without looking at his cards. Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi made a resteal from the big blind with the always-dangerous Q-3, pushing his opponent off with an all-in push. John Sigan of Strongsville, Ohio was this year’s bubble boy, busting out when his Q-Q was cracked by Vandy Krouch’s 6s 5s on a 8c 6h 4s 7d 4d board. Sigan, along with the previous eight finishers, will have a chance to play a freeze-out tournament, the winner of which will receive an entry into the 2008 main event, and a year’s supply of Milwaukee’s Best (though for some the latter might not be a great incentive).

2 Comments to “Bubble Burstage”

  1. Michele Lewis

    Bubble boy is an exception as he clearly grabbed everyone’s attention plus he won whatever it was he won.

  2. DanM

    He won nothing other than a seat into a special satellite and a few free beers.