Dan Freerolling his way into the money

by , Jul 1, 2007 | 4:10 pm

Ok, so it doesn’t compare to any of Tom’s 3 2007 WSOP Final Table appearances, but Dan talked his way into (apparently name dropping Tom Schneider helps) won his way into a freeroll tournament with total cash prizes of $12,000. Dan is was the chip leader with 8 people left when he texted the following update:

Lost the chip lead. AA – no action. Next hand AA again – cracked by 88. Fold the next hand.. KK next – loses to AQ. Medium stack now. 8 left. Glad I took the guaranteed $1,200. Top 4 get more.

Sounds like Dan ran into some incredibly horrible bad luck, but he’s still in the hunt to take the top prize.

Update from Dan:

4 left. I am short stack. Guaranteed $1,600. Winner will get $600 more.

Final Update:

4th place, but because of multi chops I won the most money – $1,600. James Earl Jones was also in the top 4. His voice is almost as good as Karridy’s.

Dan learned an important lesson today: Resistance against Darth Vadar is futile.

If Dan can cash in another event he’ll he recoup his Blackjack losses – good luck with that.

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7 Comments to “Dan Freerolling his way into the money”

  1. April

    Yay Dan!

  2. DanM

    Just for the record, I won my way into this tourney, as did the other 67 competitors.

  3. SitNGoSteve

    Oops – sorry for the mistake Dan – I’ve corrected it.

  4. The First Bracelet

    Just wait till you hear the skinny on the James Earl Jones encounter. I hope your white-out™ is full.

  5. DanM

    I’m still looking for the proof online.

  6. Scott Chaffin

    Those updates look a lot like text messages from a mobile phone. Just imagine if there were a place where they could have gone for the whole world to see, rather than having someone transcribe them for you, Dan. Too bad there’s nothing like that. Anyway, congratulations…glad I stayed at Binion’s last week or you’d have never been there. Maybe a cut for old hardworking TFG is in order.

  7. Ed

    “Too bad there’s nothing like that.”

    Funny…i thought i saw something when logged in…umm…nevermind. I think I was dreaming of a perfect world. 😛