Donkey Radio

by , Jul 18, 2007 | 12:46 am

LAS VEGAS–Tom’s doing the live radio broadcast right now on Sirius 119 and Bluff Radio … with ESPN’s Howard David and Robert Williamson. Go Tom … sorta. Even Howard pointed out that Schneider isn’t on his “A-game.” Considering that I’ve seen Tom down at least four Milwaukee’s Best Lights since dinner time … well I think that might have something to do with the string of bad jokes and non-sequiturs.

(But congrats to Tom, who was just personally invited by Jeffrey Pollack to be part of the WSOP Players Advisory Committee.)

UPDATE: Players are on break — so they’ve been temporarily replaced by Gary Wise and Scott Preston … who pointed out the RW3 was drinking Milwaukee’s Best Light with Tabasco sauce. As this broadcast is being blasted through the media room, it’s absolutely delightful for all the media people to have Gary echoing overhead. Everyone is cheering and applauding and singing his praises. If only he could be here to hear for himself.

Oh, almost forgot … if you want to hear Tom on his radio-ish A-game … be sure to listen to the latest episode of Beyond the Table. Well actually not the latest episode — there is a new one up — but maybe two or three episodes ago.

UPDATE: OK, you can go back to listening live (for free). Tom is back on his game … wait, never mind, joke about owing money. He’s off again. He is apparently nothing without Sit’N’Go Steve.

2 Comments to “Donkey Radio”

  1. SitNGoSteve

    I am nothing without Dan (I just said that to make Karridy jealous) – what a vicious love triangle we have going here…

    Is this Jerry Yang guy playing loose or what – the quotes on the live blog from Lindgren, Ferguson, and Gordon are not overly complimentary of his play right now…

  2. DanM

    According to the radio broadcast, he is playing like a guy who “doesn’t care if he finishes first or fourth.” We’ll see if it pays off.

    By the way, even though the Milwaukee’s Best Light keeps flowing, now that Nick Geber has replaced Howard David, Tom is back on his game. And he and Robert Williamson III are starting to develop some BTT-ish chemistry. Seriously. He’s giving great visual descriptions, engaging in interesting strategy discussions, and poking fun at Geber.