Elvis Sighting at wsop

by , Jul 24, 2007 | 3:18 pm

For those of you who have be reading the whole tournament tipping vs not tipping controversary, let’s take a moment to check out this dealer. I call him the Elvis dealer as the Pokernews photo obviously explains.


I’m not sure if this is the same Elvis that gave me away at my wedding ten years ago but they do have the same hair. All Elvis look alike anyway.

18 Comments to “Elvis Sighting at wsop”

  1. BJ Nemeth

    “All Elvis look alike anyway.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, Michele, but I’m pretty sure the plural of Elvis is Elvii.


  2. Mean Gene

    Dammit BJ, I was gonna say that! Such a cool word, and how often do I get to use it in conversation?

    He looked more like Elvis than the Imperial Palace’s Elvis impersonator. Which I mean as a compliment.

  3. michele lewis

    You’re right and I usually use the text book way in conversation but writing it today just seemed so wrong because really…I hate the word Elvii. And how do you really apply the rule to a word that belongs to only one person? Did Elvis approve this rule to his name? I’m sorry but some rules are just meant to be broken and this is one of them. IMHO.

  4. Michele Lewis

    PS – 🙂
    PSS – BJ, did you take this photo?
    PSS – Gene, Sorry to diss the word Elvii. Feel free to use it as much as possible.

  5. zach

    he deals with me at the orleans open

  6. Ed

    “All Elvis look alike anyway.”

    What does that mean?! Are you some kind of Elvis racist?!

  7. Michele Lewis

    No! I’m not a racist! I just knew that comment would irritate you.

  8. Ed

    Sometimes I like to pretend I am Elvis.

    If he had less hair, shitty sideburns, and were a scrawny twig.

  9. BJ Nemeth

    Sadly, Michele, this photo is not one of mine. I normally don’t like my shots to be taken at an angle like this — it’s how amateurs try to make their photos look “artistic.” (Like most painters who paint abstract, or writers that try to write run-on sentences without punctuation.)

    However, for this *Elvish* dealer, I think it works perfectly. Kudos to the photographer!

    Now let this spark a new debate about how to convert the word “Elvis” into an adjective. 🙂

  10. DanM


    Or Elvissy.

    But not Elvish.

  11. BJ Nemeth

    I know that “Elvish” already has a meaning, but that’s what makes it work for me. I love giving the word “Elvish” two meanings that are worlds apart.

    Given your choices, I’d have to go with “Elvian.” Your other one (“Elvissy”) sounds too much like “sissy.” And you wouldn’t call Elvis a sissy, would you?

  12. Ed

    He is Elvinese.

  13. michele lewis

    I was playing cash one evening at the rio with this elvian dealer and boy did I do a double-take.

  14. Venita

    Elvonian . . .

  15. DanM


  16. Michele Lewis

    Evil Elvis is so 50 years ago. Maybe it’s making a come-back, I don’t know, I’m totally Elved.

    BJ – I agree on your angle theory.

  17. uncle ray

    What an Elvating discussion!!! It has Elvated Pokerati to imPressleyive heights!!!

  18. DanM

    You guys are all sick. Michele, you should be ashamed of yourself.