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Pokerati commenter Beelzebubba expressing himself at the WSOP with stylish table-time threads.LAS VEGAS–Everybody seems to love those Pokerati jerseys — being modeled by Tom at final tables might help. We think they’re pretty cool, and indeed, as you can see/touch … our good friends at Sadler & Carter do some fine poker embroidery. Not sure if you can get your own — I bet you can if you ask nicely — but I just heard about a pretty funny encounter between Tom Sexton (brother of Mike) and Change100.

Tom Sexton (who sounds just like Mike): “Did you see that shirt Tom Schneider’s got in? It says Pokerati on the front, and Donkey Bomber on the back

OK, so I can’t seem to recast the quote I heard third-hand well enough to pretend I wouldn’t be putting words in his mouth. But basically, in a nutshell, Tom Se. was totally baffled by Tom Sc. wearing the mighty 7-2.

“That just doesn’t make sense,[Vince,]” Sexton said shaking his head. “Seven-deuce?”

Change supposedly tried to explain its power, but he just didn’t get it.

“But that’s the worst hand in poker!”

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  1. DanM

    Yeesh, if you are reading this in IE, my apologies for the funky cutline. I am still learning these computers.

  2. joaquin

    Change should have said: “If Pokerati got the hamma under the gun….he would start to hear the starspangled banner going off in his head.”

  3. Kajagugu

    She should have just said Tom has two bracelets. And the hammer is a great hand in low-ball, triple draw, hi-lo, razz games. N’est pas monsieuor “Hold-em on my mind” Sexton?

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