Jennicide Up For Las Vegas Weekly’s Beauty Contest

by , Jul 21, 2007 | 9:59 am

I have no problem admitting I use Myspace. It would be ridicerous (did I just say ridicerous?) to pretend I were too cool or that I were only there for business reasons, like I said in the first sentence of this small paragraph…I use Myspace.

So last night when I checked my email, added some goofy photos, looked at other’s profiles and lost track of time in the deep dark hole of the networking giant I came across Jennicide’s Bulletin:

Vote for me in Las Vegas Weekly’s Beautiful Person Contest!!

Hi Everyone! I’m back in Delaware visiting my family and friends for a bit, but I’ve been selected to be in Las Vegas Weekly’s Beautiful Person contest for the week. Click the link below and vote!
VOTE HERE! Las Vegas Weekly’s Beautiful Person Contest
(You don’t HAVE to vote for me, my competitor is a hottie too, but I’d appreciate the support!!)

This competition brought to mind an old poem I wrote back at the 2007 WSOP:

Hey Jen

Where have you been?

You went missing at the World Series

Costing you a potential big win!

Jennifer and I had a chance to reunite outside the Amazon room at the beginning of the WSOP this year. While she and I were visiting, a young drunk (early twenties) guy started hitting on Jen and it soon became a typical moment when he learned we were there as players. He probably spent ten dollars on cocktails, fifty-five on a new shirt, spent zero to approach a pretty girl but asking Jennicide if she ever played online poker was priceless. Even more I liked playing stupid when I asked her “oh-my-gosh, you play online poker? I didn’t know you played online.

Good luck Jen, maybe this will be a win. But seriously, where have you been?

Now scroll down for Tom’s serious post.

6 Comments to “Jennicide Up For Las Vegas Weekly’s Beauty Contest”

  1. DanM

    As usual, excellent poetry, Michele. it has me thinking for the past several hours, trying to come up with a phrase that rhymes with “lingerie.”

    but the best i got is figuring out that “main event” might couple well with “poker tent” … unless of course you’ve overspent and can’t make rent because you haven’t cashed for one bloody cent!

    ok, somebody stop me. I think I’ll be giving up poetry for lent.

  2. DanM

    By the way, if this pic doesn’t make her a runaway winner, I don’t know what will:

  3. Gonz

    Just a quick note about that picture: I was completely sober when it was taken. I was blinking, not stoned. It’s true. I swear.

  4. Michele Lewis

    I’m assuming Dan took the photo. Dan, always take two pix just in case. Change the mode on your camera for action shots when you think you will need more than one shot but don’t want to ask.
    And when do you get the photos from the playboy mansion?

  5. DanM

    I got that pic off of Jennicide’s MySpace page. She and I Pokerati are friends, ya know.

    Michele, thanks for the photography advice. But you forget, I like to take pictures that make Gonz look bad.

    I just don’t like how she’s leaning toward Gonz, but away from me. I think that’s a tell.

  6. Anon

    I don’t think it’s a tell. I think that Gonz stood on the correct side of the cardboard cutout.