Liger’s Chasing with skills

by , Jul 11, 2007 | 1:46 am

Familiar faces left in Day 2a are few and far between. John Duthie (one of my favorites) is among the chip leaders with Huck Seed not too far behind and David Levi working a short stack. On break Levi said he wasn’t too excited about 50k after a big loss but since he started the day with only 15k…then he shrugged his shoulders. John Duthie said he was up and down but thought he should be okay if he made it through tonight. I should say so…Duthie is looking good with a stack over 300k
Not Bobby Baldwinbobbybaldwin.jpg

Other notables are Houston’s Ted Leva, Bobby Baldwin (see photo), Bruno Fitoussi, Neil Channing, Robert Mizrachi and Tobey Maguire. They are down to 386 players and will play down to 350 tonight “no matter what.”

BTW – I announced Liger in the media room and someone from not America said “Did you say Liger? I didn’t know anyone knew they existed, I know a lot about Ligers!”

4 Comments to “Liger’s Chasing with skills”

  1. dan m

    ugh. i can’t believe i dropped huck seed from my fantasy team.

  2. Irishmike

    Big check stacks, SWEET!!!!!

    all my friends from straddle and jackies. e-mail me at;

  3. Lavigne in Austin

    nice work y’all. good updates.

  4. Poker Shrink

    A random Liger announcement? Are you off your meds again.