Semi-Live Blogging Day 1c

by , Jul 8, 2007 | 3:51 pm

(Cross-posted from Chris Hanel at Expert Insight.)

Phil, Rafe, and Andy are playing today, and we’ll be updating everyone throughout the day on their progress.

12:22 PM – Cards are in the air. Rafe’s way back in the corner in table 2, away from spectators, and Phil’s on the exact opposite side of the room at table 121. Both are feeling upbeat and ready to play cards. Rafe’s gone to great lengths to assure he’s well rested and ready for today, so there’s an extra spring in his step. Expect good things from Team EI today. Still trying to track down Andy. After yesterday’s incident with David Singer, I’ve decided not to try tracking him down by calling him on the phone.

12:50 PM – Phil raises from middle position, and the button comes over the top. Phil calmly drops his hand, which is a good sign, not a bad one, in my opinion. He’s staying active but not being so stubborn to get involved in a crap situation. Meanwhile, Rafe’s table is talkative and I witnessed my first boat over boat there – it’s amazing that the pot was only a couple thousand total. The player who lost (on the river, of course) uttered the wonderful phrase we’ll hear many many times today – “I put you on AK!”

In other exciting EI news, our very own Bruce Buffer (from Final Table Poker) is sitting at the featured table with Moneymaker. Let’s see if he can do to Chris what he did on the DVD to Phil.

Jose Canseco was just announced to everyone, and about half the players booed. “Must be an LA crowd,” the announcer offered.

1:44 PM – Lots of happenings on the floor, just in a single orbit of the room. Rafe has donned his sunglasses and is now receiving his first back massage of the series. He looks to be right around 20k still, not too active. Phil had a rough start but is now building up chips. Jason Alexander is at his table, in a case of life imitating art imitating Celebrity Poker Showdown.

I heard “All in and a call!” at a table to turn around, only to see Steve Dannenmann standing up. Oh, crap. Rushing over reveals, however, he’s not involved — it’s an AA vs. KK situation and a king comes on the river in true WSOP style.

“That’s the fourth time today I’ve had aces,” the loser grumbles. Steve looks down at him in shock, then looks at his watch. “Really? Jesus.” Steve talks to me for a bit and I ask if I can get an interview.

“No way, interviews are bad luck,” Steve says. He smiles, then adds, “We’ll play it safe, catch me on Day 2.” A shared laugh and then I’m off to cover other tables. I don’t have to look long, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson is one table over, and he’s NOT wearing sunglasses. It almost gives me a heartattack.

Overheard at the poker table: “I’m so nervous: I got dealt pocket 5’s and I had to look twice to see if they were suited!”

Overheard at Mike Matusow’s table: “If internet poker places were allowed to register people, we’d have 12,000 this year. Anyone who says poker’s on the downslide doesn’t know shit.”

9 Comments to “Semi-Live Blogging Day 1c”

  1. Fawcett

    Semi live blogging TBR…he has 36k at end of level 1.

    Go Batfaces!

  2. DanM

    Where’s your source on this, Fawcett.

    And my goodness … do people really care about chip counts on day 1? i would think all that matters is — “played well, took a couple bad beats to leave him a slightly above avg. stack going into day 2. batface hat looks awesome.”

  3. son of sue

    I believe the source is

  4. son of sue

    Any word on Como?

  5. DanM

    Son of Sue, very impressive use of linkage above. Quick blogging lesson … free of charge … if you enter in the batfaces’ dot-com stuff where it says “URL” when you leave a comment, it will link your name directly back to your blog … so if people think you are funny (or informative) here, then they will click you to see the rest of your shit/pictures of male organs.

  6. Fawcett

    Source was actually a text. Do people care about chip counts on day one…have you played poker before? Chips are kinda like a scoreboard. Actually they are the scoreboard.

  7. Fawcett

    BTW if you click on my name you can get live updates…thanks for the class Dan!


  8. son of sue

    Damn, I thought I was doing good. And no one thinks I’m funny or informative, I just like to see my stuff on the internet.

  9. Hungerfan

    I heart Zach!