Neteller Money Semi-returned!

by , Jul 30, 2007 | 9:38 am

Wow, that was a surprise … looks like Neteller funds have been freed up for US customers. Check it out:


We’ll see if it actually arrives. But no reason to believe it won’t. Quicker than I expected. Nice!

UPDATE: Money did arrive. Woo-hoo, pizza with extra toppings it is!

2 Comments to “Neteller Money Semi-returned!”

  1. J.E.H.

    When it arrives, are you UIGEA-bait?

  2. DanM

    I don’t think so. But if I am, hey, so be it. Interestingly enough, this money comes from two places — neither of which are related to online gambling. Some of that money is from a text-link ad sold on, and some of it for a gambling debt incurred in a fully legal live-action home game.

    I left a Batface home game one night owing adam $200. So I asked him if I could pay him via Neteller. He thought it was a dandy idea, so the next day, I uploaded some money into my neteller account and tried to send it his way. The next day the money was frozen.

    kinda funny, because that was clearly a gambling-based transaction, but had nothing to do with the online poker stuff the gov was beefing about.