Outside the Ropes: Bathroom Business

by , Jul 18, 2007 | 6:56 am

LAS VEGAS–Remember how I was telling you that Full Tilt honchos henchmen weren’t too excited about the prospects of Jerry Yang winning? Well something must’ve changed by the time they got heads-up.

The players had just gone on break, and Jerry Yang had a 6:1 chip lead over Tuan Lam. An Asian guy in a suit grabbed Oliver Tse (who represents Yang for now, but is already trying to plan for the likelihood of bigger agencies wrestling his World Champion client away from him) and the two started walking away. Following not too far behind the was Yang, who was headed to the bathroom, with a small entourage following him.

That’s when the Full Tilt guys both, almost simultaneously, clapped their hands together and started rubbing their palms with wide eyes and grins on their faces. I let them go through the door in front of me, saying, “Please, you have serious business to attend to.”

“‘Wha…? I’ve just gotta go to the bathroom,” the smaller Full Tilt rep said.

“Like I said, serious business.”

They chuckled and kept walking briskly.

Jerry Yang is pretty much the anti-Jamie Gold. So it was kinda funny to see so many people behind him as he tried to take a leak. Granted they weren’t private security guards, but still, similar in concept. As Full Tilt money man #1 followed him into the bathroom, Full Tilt money man #2 (the big guy) stood outside the door, almost as if he were standing guard. I apologize for not taking a picture, but really, it looked like something from a scene on The Sopranos when they had to remove some gold fillings with a shoe. And the guy who actually followed him to the urinal … well I have a MySpace friend request pending with him, so obviously I had to tread lightly.

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NOTE: (Tuan Lam is a bona fide PokerStars player, by the way … no paperwork shenanigans or nothing. Plays high-stakes cash games regularly under the name BABYHAN.)

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