Party Time?

by , Jul 4, 2007 | 7:15 pm

LAS VEGAS–Text to Tom (who has been a gracious sounding board this WSOP on matters of game selection, bankroll management, and getting to know that leavin’ feelin’) late last night:

5:11 am — I am good at poker, bad at drinky blackjack. In for 800, cashed out for 2800.

This came after attending Z-Fest 2007 – a 4th of July barbecue hosted by the Lederer family at Steve Zolotow’s house. It also happened to be the site of the “World Series of Karaoke,” which meant getting to see Joe Reitman dance and scream while exposing/shaking/rubbing his belly, and a shitfaced Mike Matusow parading around like a drunken 7-year-old boy with balloons. Good fun. You gotta love a party that celebrates America’s birthday with great Middle Eastern food and an open bar.

From there, I was supposed to meet up with some Dallas friends to chase a few skirts engage in frotteurism at Carnaval Court. But while waiting around I played a little tiny-stakes outdoor blackjack and somehow managed to lose $497 in less than an hour. Dammit! So I went to make it back playing poker across the street at Caesar’s …

In true chase-your-losses fashion, I decided to play 2/5 instead of 1/3. I felt my game was on … and it was, until I lost my stack to a two-outer on the river. Was set to lose my second buy-in (and call it a night) a little later, when I caught my own two-outer on the turn. From there everything looked up, as I felt I definitely had a grasp on the table … and then, thanks to a friendly opponent who said a few hours later, “You know, it seems like all the bad players are gone” … got up and left at what I believe was the exact right time. He was absolutely right – we had busted them all while playing only for value bets against each other – and the sun was just coming up, so it seemed a sensible point to break the game.

Buy-in(s): $800 (2)
Cash out: $2,798
Blackjack penalty: $497
Net: +$1,501

Click the image to see Dan’s WSOP Bankroll Graph as I get closer to my goal of earning $4,000 $8,000 $4,000 at the tables this summer. And click here to see how we’ve gotten there.

I like where things currently stand, but am a little concerned about the noticeable instability over the past couple weeks. Look at the beginning and you’ll see a nice slow-and-steady climb. But that trend has long-since disappeared damn wilding Batfaces … and even though I have resumed some winning ways, now would be a good time to regain control of my balance.

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