Quick Batface/Rounder Update

by , Jul 8, 2007 | 6:43 pm

LAS VEGAS–Everyone keeps texting me looking for results. Players are on break, and Como is just above where he started, with about 23,000. TBR is going strong, with something like 36 or 37ish k. And he looks quite stylish sporting his intriguing Batfaces lid.

UPDATE: The Big Randy is getting bigger. He’s at 63,500. I happen to be sitting next to some key PokerNews reporters and have informed them, and they have taken note of his progress but have also given me a polite, “let’s see how things stand after the dinner break before we start tracking someone we don’t know.” Fair enough, because you certainly can’t count on my sticking around any more than you can count on the running chip counters to recognize his Batfaces hat.

At that point his count would become “stale” — something PokerNews tries to avoid, I just learned.

3 Comments to “Quick Batface/Rounder Update”

  1. Don

    Just received text from Como at 5:20 pdt. 21k in chips

  2. son of sue

    email from TBR:

    “70,225. Among top 20 in chips, I think. Made a huge call for 45K. Feeling groovy (except for being hungover).”

  3. Sommer

    TBR says Como is at 35Kish. Dan, get some pics?