Re: The Nascarization of Poker
Hellmuth crashes

by , Jul 8, 2007 | 11:25 pm

LAS VEGAS–We all know poker, or at least the WSOP, is going NASCAR. Well Phil Hellmuth was at a track somewhere today — about two hours ago — and he was supposedly driving a car up on a red carpet … which was all fine and dandy until he wrecked the $200,000 vehicle into a pole.

Well done, Philly boy! If it wasn’t for bad luck, you would never wreck high-performance automobiles! Supposedly ESPN has video footage that will be airing tonight.

UPDATE: Here’s what actually happened

5 Comments to “Re: The Nascarization of Poker
Hellmuth crashes

  1. Karridy

    Funny… I’ve always seen him as more of a train wreck kinda guy.

  2. DanM

    It looks to me like he is blaming the pole. Like seriously, what kinda idiot pole plays like that?

  3. donkey

    There goes “The Big Phil”. What a douchebag.

  4. Garry

    Looks like the definition of push to me.
    Appears to still be in the throttle when he hit the pole.

  5. J.E.H.

    I know he wants to be Number 1, but this is taking “pole position” too seriously.

    Thank you! I’ll be here all week. Please tip your waitstaff…